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Mike Thorold
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£125 for a 3 page business website


Its not a misprint. I provide fixed price business websites from just £125
Websites that work, producing real customers for my clients.

I deal primarily with Start up and Micro businesses that need a web presence at a cost effective price. But not just a website, one that works producing real impact within their chosen target market.

Need something bigger or that allows you to try selling on line. Then I provide that as well starting at just £275

Why not visit Making Your Website Work the home of fixed price business websites and see some examples of what I have done and then join the ranks of my satisfied customers who are reaping the benefits of a website that works.


Or if you prefer call me on 07989 469210 to discuss your business website requirements





About Mike Thorold

Initally retail orientated after leaving HM forces but then went on to be a  22 year veteran in IT sales and marketing.
Found my niche as an E-Commerce consultant for largest Cable Network company in UK working with some of the high streets biggest names. 
Could list all the courses and training over the years but hey thats been and gone and why bore you and me!

Having spend too many years to mention on the road, closing the big deals I am now happy to work from my home office and do things that I want to do.

Spending time in my caravan taking in the fantastic scenery and landscapes of this great Isle has always been a stress reliever for me and no its not me at the front of that long queue that is behind a slow moving caravan.

Now a Small business advisor specialising in fixed price web design for start up and small businesses.

I enjoy the challange of seeing a business start and then grow. Its not easy out there but helping and nurturing the owners and seeing the results as they gain new clients and achieve their goals  is something that gives a real satisfaction. A wide network of business associates means that if I don't know how to do it I know a man who does.

With almost all of the children (4) married and away from home its great to be able to spend time enjoying life. My own  tip for a better quality of life "If you don't enjoy it don't do it" This is especially true when health problems catch you up and restrict what you can do now.

My business tip is "Remember IT is cyclical it come then goes and then returns with a different face but it still costs you money the second time around!! " IT a self perpetuating industry