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Claire Davies
Cooked From Scratch

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  • Catering
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I run my own brand new food business, 'Cooked From Scratch'.I am fanatical with regards what's in my food & where it comes from, so wanted to offer a service to people who feel the same. Food for people who care about what they eat & where it comes from. Catering, 'dine at home', fill your freezer, cookery lessons & services such as wedding favours, special requests etc.


About Claire Davies

I have extensive experience of training & teaching IT-related subjects to people from all levels. Past roles have required an in-depth knowledge of the supply chain, Global Data Synchronisation and the corresponding data requirements. I am an experienced training, project and people manager, now employed as an Employer Engagement Lecturer - the main focus of my role is to engage with local companies in order for them to participate in a project offering fully funded, accredited IT training. I establish their training needs and requirements and work with them for the duration of their participation in the project. I also deliver some of the training.

Offering a food/catering service for people who care about what's in their food & where it comes from. A fanatical foodie everything I eat myself is cooked from scratch (nothing pre-made or processed) from high quality ingredients.
Catering, dinner parties, ad hoc requests such as wedding favours, special desserts etc.
I also provide goods such as jams, chutneys, cakes etc., to a local business called 'Taste Wales'.


Specialties: Training, teaching, coaching, mentoring, learning development, people development, manager, project manager, consultant, training consultant, employer engagement, business engagement, customer relationship management, marketing, target driven sales, sales, administration, process creation, supply chain, Global Data Synchronisation, data analysis, research, development and publication of global definitions, catering, cooking, food, dining, wedding favours, baking and many others.......


Latin & ballroom dancing, cooking & entertaining, gardening, walking, spending time with friends & family (preferably while cooking for them), food issues