Raine Shine (Shine Local Directory)

Raine Shine (Shine Local Directory)
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Location: Grantham
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Left QuoteThe Shine Local Directory is based on the Banbury-Cross Website which has been online since 1998 - We are actively seeking budding Business Owners to run a Shine Local Franchise in their own areaRight Quote
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Last online 30th Jul 2015
Member since 15th Aug 2011
Member No 65080
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Internet Online Directory
Internet Marketing for Local Businesses
Local Business Websites & Online Marketing
My Company Information

I have been running the Banbury-Cross website - - since 1998.  It is an Online directory of Businesses and Services in the Banbury area offering Free listings to ALL businesses based in OX15, OX16 & OX17.  It makes money by charging anything from £60 - £240+vat per year to Upgrade listings.

It has been so successful that in 2011, I started setting up the business for Franchising - the new website is called the Shine Local Directory - - It will be run on the same basis as the original Banbury-Cross website offering Free listings to ALL businesses and small amounts to Upgrade their listings.

I have now moved to the Grantham area and I've set up Shine Local Grantham - - As of January 2015, it has approx. 500 listings of local businesses and I'm looking to get every single business in Grantham on the site - so if you're in business in Grantham, please get in touch with me !

If you are interested in running your own business, please consider the Shine Local Directory and feel free to contact me for an initial chat.

About Raine Shine

Well - I'll let you in on a secret - Raine Hilson is my married name and although I was divorced in 2002, I have kept on my married name - until now -

When I was trying to decide what to call my new website - I pondered for three months until someone from my youth rang me up and called me by my maiden name - which was Shine - yes - Raine Shine - this was my Birth Certificate name - and No my parents didn't have a sense of humour, they honestly didn't realise that the name would clash - if you want to know why - then ask and I'll tell you !

Anyways - I was in the music business for many years (Google me and you'll see more if you're interested) before retiring and leaving London - getting married and moving to Banbury.

I worked on the local newspapers selling advertising space for a few years before leaving to have my daughter.  Friends from London told me about the internet in 1997 and I found a course I could do from home.  So I borrowed a 486 computer and loaded up the course on 6 floppy discs and learnt HTML.  The course obviously wanted me to design a basic website so I based it on the local newspaper - having a page for Property, a page for Motors, a page for Classifieds.... Hmmmm this is a great idea and thus the Banbury-Cross Website was born and launched on 1st September 1998.

I went into my previous customers' businesses with a laptop, plugging into their phone lines and showing them the internet when the biggest search engine was Yahoo !

The Banbury-Cross website grew and evolved through seven or eight different designs until I decided to get it ready to expand last year and Shine Local was born.

So -  and are my websites and have been my business for the past 14 years and hopefully for the forseeable and far future !