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Dee Atkins
Miss Make It Happen

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12th Jul 2018
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3rd Oct 2011
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Miss Make It Happen started as an idea in 2013
and was bought to life in 2014 with the help of 4N members. 
So what do we do?
Miss Make It Happen is whatever you need it to be.  
PA/VA Services
Social Media
Sales Support
Event Help
and much much more...


About Dee Atkins

I've worked in the recruitment industry for over a decade. After being made redundant in 2010 I decided it was my time to shine. I started Phoenix Personnel Consultancy Ltd in the midst of a world wide recession, to the screams and protests of my friends and family. I stand proud, 4 years later, having made a success of the business with the aim to be retired by the age of 35 (year 2019). My plan of world domination is on the way and in 2014 introduced 'Miss Make It Happen' to the world.  Watch this space.