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Tom Langrick
Utility Warehouse

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The Utility Warehouse is a discount club where you can combine as many or all of your household utilities in one place and in doing so, make significant savings.

Through their unique business model, you can:

  • Save money on all your essential household utilities with one simple monthly bill backed up by award winning customer service.
  • Earn cashback on your shopping both in the high street and online.
  • Get up to 50% off your bill when eating out and up to 40% off cinema tickets and family days out.
  • Have all of the lightbulbs in your house replaced with the latest LED lights completely free and guaranteed for life.


About Tom Langrick

Together with my partner Davina and our 3 children, Clara who is 16, Felix who is 11 and Christian, 9, we live on a small-holding in the Welsh border, between Powys and South Shropshire.  We keep sheep and chickens and have 3 cats and a dog.  Our children have between them, a ginuea pig and gerbils.

I grew up in West Wales and went to university in Coventry to study engineering.  After a couple of years I realised it wasn't for me and after a few years of "finding my feet" I landed a job with Xerox selling photocopiers.  I learnt a lot.  After a few years, I moved in to Leasing & Asset Finance and specialised in that and so begain my career as a finance broker, working for a few firms along the way.

Then 2008 happened and the financial crash brought with it a whole world of pain.  That, coupled with some decisions we had made, meant we were facing a bleak future.

That's when I found the opportunity with Utility Warehouse.  We had already been customers for a few years and were happy customers, mentioning it to friends, but I never knew there was a life changing business opportunity that went with it, so I got started and got busy.

Fast forward a few years and things are much better.  I still arrange finance for my historical clients and have a number of contacts who pass me business, but Utiliy Warehouse has been a boon, both financially and personally.  The personal development I have been able to tap in to and the people I've met along the way have been great.  I've made friends and been on some great luxury weekend breaks.  Now, the income I get from the business means I don't have to worry quite so much and l can enjoy time here in the countryside when we choose.