Claire McTernan (From Employee to Business Owner)

Claire McTernan (From Employee to Business Owner)
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Left QuoteI help people, who have taken the leap from Employee to Business Owner, to grow their businesses and reach their financial goals.Right Quote
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Getting the most from your business is not necessarily just about increasing growth and profits.  Creating the right strategy to meet your personal objectives for work life balance, personal income, as well as enough value in the business to one day sell it on your terms, requires careful planning and sometimes a little help.

At SmartStep our business is about sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained as a result of working with hundreds of businesses over the last eleven years. Our work typically helps business owners address the following questions…

Sales & Marketing: How do I achieve sustainable year on year growth? How can I find quality new customers? How can I improve my margins? How can I stand out in the crowd? How do I persuade my current customers to buy more from me and not my competitors?

Productivity: How can I organise my business in order to optimise productivity? How do I get the best out of my people? How can I develop my team so I can delegate and become more effective? How do I increase profitability without increasing capacity and investing in equipment or recruiting extra staff?

The Future: How can I secure a sustainable future for my business? How can I develop a strategy to drive growth without spending a fortune on marketing or taking unnecessary risks? If I eventually decide to sell the business, when is the right time and how can I maximise its’ value?

We can help business owners with all of these questions and more.  The SmartStep approach works.

About Claire McTernan

I work with business owners to help them successfully grow, run and, when required, exit their businesses. I am based in Coventry and cover the West Midlands and Warwickshire regions.  I work with SMEs as diverse as Engineering to Marketing, Event Management to Computer software. This gives me a real understanding of local business challenges across multiple business sectors. 

My main areas of speciality are:

  • Business growth.
  • Improving profitability and productivity.
  • Turning around underperforming teams.
  • Providing business mentoring and coaching.

At SmartStep, we have developed ways of achieving rapid results with our clients, without them having to make large investments or implement complicated processes and procedures. 

The SmartStep Partnership approach get results.