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Emma Samm (Comets Corners)
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Comets Corners has been named after my first horse, Comet, who became ill and died within days in 2006.... The main aim of Comets Corners is to become involved with, support, and increase the profiles of many animal charities, by selecting a charity of the month and donating time and funds to that charity.  We also blog about animal welfare issues and will be launching our newsletter in June 2012, with animal care and welfare articles...

We sell a wide range of products for your dogs, cats and small animals, and will be launching a horse range over the summer months....

About Emma Samm


I love animals and have Rio my gorgeous horse, my precious Pepper a Jack Russell and Pickle the devil cat, who we rescued as a bedraggled very ill stray kitten and nursed to health, he thanks us daily by leaping out of hiding places and clawing our feet! I am very interested in animal welfare, and this is why I decided to use my online business to highlight the work of many charities and organisations which the general public may not have previously known about.