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Angelos Taplatzidis
Squiz UK

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Angelos Taplatzidis currently works for web development company Squiz UK. The company specialises in online marketing and web technologies to improve web experience and drive market penetration.

Angelos Taplatzidis has also had positions in the past at Ave Point as an account manager, in SPG Media in a sales role and has also been employed by Adobe as part of their inside sales team.

About Angelos Taplatzidis

Angelos Taplatzidis has studied and worked within sales and business development for B2B companies. His abilities are underpinned by strong listening and negotiation skills. He is a keen communicator at all levels with technology and business teams to give successful and short sales cycles.

Angelos Taplatzidis has a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in HR management. Psychology has given him the ability to develop a consultative approach to sales and he believes strategic selling is all about understanding and preparing.

Through-out his roles he has consistently achieved quarterly revenues by qualifying and uncovering business opportunities. He has stand out planning skills and has executed strategic account infiltration which has been accomplished  through creating strong relationships among a variety of individuals across a broad range of sectors and positions.

Angelos Taplatzidis' favourite hobbies include Muay Thai and Swimming. He is also interested in history, metal music, and loves to watch horror films.