Simon Meadows (Utility Warehouse)

Simon Meadows (Utility Warehouse)

Location: Bedford
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Left QuoteI am a passionate person who loves to help others save and make money...With the products what is on offer and the passion that i have, it is a winning combination..............Right Quote
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Last online 7th Apr 2015
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Member No 77315
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What I Do
Independant Distributor for Utility Warehouse
Business and Residential Utilites
Help businesses SAVE and MAKE money
Help people earn an income not a wage
Helping homes & businesses MAKE & SAVE money
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Utility Warehouse discount club, has been in operation since 1996, the company is based in London with a UK based call centre. They don't advertise nationally or commercially, they rely on word of mouth of satisfied customers and distributors, like myself to drive the Utility Warehouse brand. Our main focus is to help people save and make money.

The Utility Warehouse are suppliers on gas,electricity and all telecoms to residential and commercial customers throughout the UK, all our services are bought wholesale and we can guarantee if you switch your services to the Utility Warehouse, you can save money or we will give back double the difference if you find cheaper elsewhere.

for further information on how the Utility Warehouse can be beneficial for you please visit my link


About Simon Meadows

I have been in the business since february 2010, as a customer as well. I work also full time as a Postman which i have done now for the past 11 years and this is how I got introduced into the business by a customer, on my previous round.

The Utility Warehouse works for me as its a fun business to be in. Reflective of my personality, i have excellent customer service skills and being able to engage with others