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Andrew and Pete (Andrew and Pete)
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Left QuoteBased in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Andrew and Pete help micro businesses do more with their marketing. Their main service is called 'atomic' which is an online marketing portal. Read more at joinatomic.comRight Quote
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Member No 78272
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Micro Business Development
Stand Out Marketing
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Our main service is called 'atomic' which is an online marketing portal, that delivers actionable and practical marketing advice, inspiration and ideas just for micro businesses. Check it out at 

We love working with sole traders and small teams, and even start-ups. The way marketing trends are going, the power is really with the small businesses. There is so much more we can be doing to compete and stand out in our market places, and our mission is to help and work with as many of these people as possible. 

If you are, or if you work with micro businesses then please do get in touch, we believe that collaboration is the way forward for businesses, so get in touch and let's chat!

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