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OrangeTree Online is an established company with loads of experience in website building, on line marketing and browser delivered software. That is called cloud stuff these days.  We have been doing this since 1996.

We have established systems in the waste and recycling management industry, inventory tracking (motor trade) and E-commerce, and property related business (such as estate agencies and chartered surveyors. We have also just launched a club website/back office which handles memberships and bookings and much, much more.

Our clients range from micro businesses to multi-nationals.

About Paul OrangeTree

I began my career in the motor trade in 1984, at a family owned Ford dealership in Tunbridge Wells. After four years I moved to a larger, plc, still in the motor trade.  I left the industry from a directors role in 2001 - by now based in the North East of England. My members of those years are fond.  It was fun, competitive, and rewarding.

In 2002 I decided to take a break from that world, and took a number of consultancy assignments.  I became involved in the rapidly emerging world of E commerce and technology.

In a way, I am still on that break - although still involved in the motor trade as a supplier.  Now I am working in three businesses - OrangeTree Online (a technology business), and Badmintonalpha (who supply sports equipment and clothing for people who play Badminton), and finally, , a retailer of clothing and footwear. 

And I still do business consultancy, too.