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Elissa Vale
Your Safe Harbour

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18th Jun 2018
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  • Psychotherapy and counselling
  • Emotional Literacy Trainer
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence coaching
  • Group Therapy
  • Pre-Marital Counselling
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Your Safe Harbour (originally called Elissa Vale)  Psychotherapy & Counselling

January 2003– Present
Based in Daventry and Rugby, United Kingdom

• UKCP reg., MBACP reg., Psychotherapist and Counsellor able to work with almost all areas of anxiety, stress and depression

• Provides short and long term counselling and psychotherapy to anyone aged 11 to 70.

• Writes training programmes for businesses and educational establishments

• Provides training to staff, adults, parents and young people 

• Facilitates groupwork and group therapy sessions on a variety of subject areas including bereavement and stress management

• Can help with staff absences and poor performance by working with your staff to improve their communication, self-esteem and increase satisfaction in the workplace 

• Affiliated with Coventry and Warwickshires Collaborative Lawyers as their Psychotherapist and Counsellor, working with clients going through separation and divorce

• Affiliated with Reach For Health gym in Daventry, who work with all gp referrals following illness, injury, operations, heart attacks and strokes.

Client issues ranging across the board, including: realtionships; stress; anxiety; depression; bereavement; infertility; bullying at work; parenting problems; young peoples' issues; self esteem; eating disorders; survivors of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse; isolation; phobias, pre-marital counselling; fertility treatment; dealing with serious illness or progressive illnesses, Dissociative Identity Disorder, finding a purpose in life, and many more

About Elissa Vale

In 2003 I set up my own private practice initially in Bushey Herts.  then in Daventry and Rugby in the Midlands.  In 2011 my business was rebranded as Your Safe Harbour.  Since then I have been networking and have found that this has helped me, not only on a business, but also on a personal level.  Many of those I have met have been instrumental in changing the way I think about my marketing and have helped me develop my now successful and profitable business.  I am now living and working and managing to have my family life and a social life as well. 

I have had many previous roles.  Having been a counsellor since 1997 and a registered psychotherapist and counsellor since 2001, I also ran a partnership called Understanding Strategies, an Emotional Intelligence/Literacy consultancy, which led workshops all over the UK training people on Stress Management, Self-Esteem, Basic Counselling Skills, Being a Great Teacher and many more.  We also did in-house training for organisations who wanted to train many of their own staff.  My partner and I wrote bespoke courses for these organisations and we also wrote a PSHE manual for 6th Form classes called "Where Do I Go From Here?"  We were commissioned to do a study of counselling facilities in the Hertfordshire area and this was done over a 6 month period.

Prior to this, I worked at director level with the major companies in the UK whilst employed by Gartner Group, a multinational giant in the IT research field.  Previously a teacher of English and Drama in Primary schools, I have also had jobs as a saleswoman, conference manager, customer services manager, tutor, mystery shopper and waitress.

My passion is for seroc, olives and 4N having just taken on the role of GL Dunchurch Lunch