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Energycentric has developed into a leading independent energy procurement and consultancy firm offering impartial advice on how to reduce and manage costs. We bring to our customers, best practice by drawing on the experience of our workforce and our wide expertise acquired over the past 10 years.

Our company has experience in dealing with corporate clients and managing large multi site / multi metered portfolios. Working alongside the relevant people within these companies, we have been able to identify their relevant energy needs and provide a solution going forward

For large energy consumers, efficient procurement and on-going energy management is essential to ensure that cost of supply is kept as low as possible. We realise that cost management of this ever increasing commodity is essential in times of economic difficulty.


Having worked with Third Sector clients over the past six years to provide a valuable cost cutting service to its charities & voluntary organisation, Energycentric has been them a way to reduce their energy costs by obtaining utility contracts at lower costs than they can normally obtain.

As an independent energy broking firm, we are able to tender for contracts on the wholesale market.

About Paul Lomas

Managing highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants that work with different portfolios, we currently work on behalf of many UK companies helping them to make significant savings in their energy costs. We achieve this by constantly monitoring the market and making well-informed procurement decisions.

Working out of both offices in London and Liverpool my aim to help guide our clients through the volatile energy markets, by taking emotion out of the decsion and employing the correct risk vs certainty strategy whilst understanding the technicals.