Vicky Stanton (The Business Success Coach)

Vicky Stanton
The Business Success Coach

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I'm a Business Success Coach who works with Business Owners to help them be more awesome! I do have a coaching qualification which was important for me to gain as it is a huge priviledge to work with individuals and I wanted to make sure I learnt my craft and tools properly. I am a friendly and fun person to be around ( so I am told) BUT my clients pay me to challenge their thinking, their beliefs and to help them take action .. so I do!!

I work with my clients on a one to one basis but I also run workshops and a Women's Business Owner's mini mastermind programme.

I do still have an HR consultancy but only take clients now on a referral or direct approach basis.

I'd love to chat if you think I may be able to help you grow your business.


About Vicky Stanton

I have over 27 years experience of Human Resources, People Management, coaching and life experience to help with practical techniques, tips and know how to help you move towards your goals (business or personal) intentions or purpose. I am a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Caoching (those bits just say I'm qualified to do what I do Smiley hopefully to reassure! ) 

I have a passion to work with business owners to help them get unstuck, build self belief, get more stuff done and to make more money!  

My banner depicts waves .. WHY? Well water flows where is is planning to go and whilst it has an ebb and flow which isn't always a smotth journey , from time to time a wave crashes in, interrupts that steady flow and momentarily stops the water in it's tracks. A bit like being in business really! I work with my clients to help them manage their business throughout some of these challenges. 

We can't stop the waves but we can leanr to ride them!

I am passionate about my work and really see the benefits of investing in yourself and your people to achieve higher performance, clarity of goals and create something special.