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Steve Westrop
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15th Aug 2018
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18th Jul 2012
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  • Business & IT Consultant
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Based in Thurrock, S6 Connect offer a range of IT services and support to home-users and businesses, whilst supporting local and national charities and non-profits. Passionate about providing the best service at the right price and "Keeping IT Simple" we're always happy to give help and advice on just about any IT or telecoms-related issue, but continue to have a special interest in non-profits, remote/home-working, WordPress management and online security & backup.

Partnerships with leading companies such as Google, AVG, Microsoft, LiveDrive, Utility Warehouse, TalkTalk Business, VoIPTalk, Anveo, Krystal, eNom, and others enables us to provide world-class services at competitive prices to help businesses achieve more.



About Steve Westrop

Disabled Dad, Champion of Change, Voice of Reason....

Adjusting to disability and parenthood all at once was bitter-sweet, but wasn't gonna hold me back - at least, not for long.  I may have had to hang up some hats, but I've picked some more up along the journey and bounced back (the extra tyre round the middle makes me bouncier than most)!

Having worked with several local and national charities to develop new IT-related systems, S6 Connect was born in 2010 (albeit under a different name), to help small business and non-profits to make the most of technology - websites, telecoms, computer repair, backups, security, design, branding, marketing, tea and biscuits....

It was a journey with no SatNav or map though, and several unexpected turns. WORK[etc] seemed a good tool to keep me on track with the work - all in one place - but little did I know then that being active in their community forum would lead to a major contract and then managing a global team for this growing micro-multinational.

Sometimes - just very occasionally and maybe not often enough - the road still twists back towards the days of teaching, counselling, writing, magic tricks, disability rights and equality.