Ian Parker (MSI Technology)

Ian Parker (MSI Technology)
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Location: Wilby
Left QuoteCreating intelligent marketing ideas through an Affiliation with Banners Broker alongside money saving with beepxtraRight Quote
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We are formed into two parts, but invariably linked. Part one is being affiliated to Banners Broker, where we can help any business of any size to create income whilst promoting their business. Through Banners Broker we help you create your own online Banner advertising campaign, without cost! Should you wish, you can become affiliated to Banners Broker, creating an advertising and publishing campaign, even if you do not own a website.

By creating a campaign for your banner adverts, you will bring traffic to your chosen website. The publishing side means that you are in effect renting advertising space on someone's website and you are paid when people land on those websites you are renting. The rental earning you receive far out weigh the 'cost' of your advertising campaign, this you are creating an extra revenue stream, simply for promoting your business

The second part of the business is the money saving loyalty cashback card from beepxtra. This Free of charge loyalty card, helps people receive Cash Back from everyday items sold in local towns and cities.

We also help people inflation proof their savings via exchanging paper currency for Gold.. How much will inflation errorde your savings by this year?

Creating, Saving & Protecting members financies

About Ian Parker

I worked in the advertising industry for nearly 10 years in the 1980's from local print through to commercial radio, via specialist magazines. In the 1990's I changed gear and started a career in Network Marketing, where I spent over 20 years as a corporate trainer, mentor and advisor. In 2005 I was accredited to Bob Proctors Life Success Consultancy where I became a lead teacher in personal development. Since then I have joined forces with two organisations that have changed the way we look at traditional marketing, with Banners Broker & beepxtra.

Outside of business, I married to Siobhan with two fabulous cats (Molly & Stanley) and live in rural Essex. Being Vegan, diet and lifestyle are priorities to me and respect for all life forms is something very close to me.

My great passion in life in split into two different areas of Motor Racing and care and concern for fellow animals.