Ian Parker (beepxtra)

Ian Parker (beepxtra)
01933 741031

Location: Wilby
Left QuoteWorking with independent retailers and businesses to create more loyal customersRight Quote
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Last online 20th Apr 2015
Member since 18th Jul 2012
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Business Loyalty Programme
Building Customer Loyalty
My Company Information

Mr Ian Parker is about helping small to mediul businesses to create more loyal customers. The primary focus being on helping members to create a loyal customer follwing by way of the beepxtra loyalty programme, that gives Cash Back and provides ongoing earnings via the Affilaite programme. A shareholder in beepxtra means that we take the opportunity very seriously. Helping independent business owners to have more loyal, well connected cuscomers who save money by shopping and buying services from an beextra affiliated shop/business 


About Ian Parker

Follwoing a 20+ year career in Corporate Network Marketing, I took the decision to run my own show, but still utilising the power of Network and Affilaite based Marketing.

Being  Vegan, I have strong principles when it comes to the way we eat and look after fellow non-human animals..

Both my wife and I live a 'Park Home' lifestyle along with our two rescued cats in the village of Wilby in Northamptonshire, which is great as we are only 30 minites from my beloved Silverstone, where I have been a racing 'nut' for over 40 years.

I look forward to connecting with you soon


Ian Parker