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Manumit provide the levels of IT expertise used by larger corporations at a price that small to medium sized businesses can afford.

Our clients usually have contracts and support staff to cover the day-to-day issues. They use our skills to handle the issues these people can’t. These can range from a major denial of service attack crippling the network, through to systematically migrating branch offices from local applications onto a central system.

Our website contains case studies and testimonials from our clients. It also contains an explanation of our simple guide to success with a project.

Manumit are different, we are:



We listen, we know that each client is unique and don’t assume that we know the answer straight away.


We cut through complexity. We understand business needs and match them to both computing capability and budget.


Whatever the problem is – we will tell you.


We take ownership of our recommendations. We’ve been successfully advising clients for many years.

We are uniquely approachable. Our clients continually talk to us. They value not ‘being sold’ something every time they speak to us. We offer clear explanations and can usually schedule work within a few weeks.

About Eric Tomlinson


Just a guy that people trust. That’s me!

I’ve been in the computer business since 1974 and so I’ve seen just a few changes. I started as a hardware engineer and worked for a couple of large TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms)  in the IT world.

One day I got a call from a friend saying, “Hey, we’re doing something with one of these new microprocessor things. Do you want to join us?”

Big step – Move from the world where a computer filled a room, to where it filled a desk.

Started to work on “low level” programming to make the chips dance in machine code. I only did this  so that I could spot where they failed, but I got addicted to coding and shifted into the world of software.

Big step – Put down the screwdriver and picked up the keyboard

Worked on operating systems, compilers and interpreters and had to write in high-level language to test the compiler. Got addicted to high level coding.

Big step – Learn how to write things that talked to people.

I designed and wrote systems that were sold all over the world. I filled my head with a huge number of business models and specialist systems.

Big step – Found out that people would pay to use my knowledge and experience

That’s my life, a sequence of addictions, itches that needed to be scratched and the courage to take a big step when an opportunity arose


Personal stuff:

Two motorcycles – definitely a sunshine biker.

Love holidaying on the Greek islands where we head for the docks and jump on a ferry for… where ever it’s going. One day, I’ll retire to one of them and write stories that I hope somebody somewhere will read.