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Albion Vehicle Contracts Ltd. specialise in helping a growing number of businesses and private motorists find the most cost-effective and suitable vehicle supply and leasing/finance package.

As a business partner with the UK’s largest leasing companies, Albion commands exceptional purchasing terms and finance rates, which they pass on to their customers no matter what the company size.

Contract hire and personal vehicle leasing are fast becoming the country's most popular way to fund a vehicle, with one monthly payment that can incorporate all maintenance elements, budgeting for your vehicle costs has never been easier. For VAT registered companies the benefits of contract hire can be even more rewarding.

With the new company car tax regime now in full swing Albion private leasing contracts are up more than 40% saving private individuals pounds in tax and sometimes putting the drivers into much better cars.

In short no matter what your next new vehicle requirements are, a Free phone call to Albion could save you time and money. 

About Chris Hyde

Hi I'm Chris Hyde from Albion Vehicle Contracts Ltd.

We have been in trading for over 12 years with a wealth of knowledge in the Vehicle and Finance industry.

Our customers can refer us with confidence and if we say we will call you back WE DO !

Dedicated to first class customer satisfation and service and members of the BVRLA.