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Go Media are a Bespoke Website Development Company located in Wakefield, just off J40 off the M1. It was founded by Paul Norton and Tom Wilde in 2007, since then, all the company has done is GROW!

Go Media deliver dynamic websites for all types of companies, from large to small, simple to complex.

Our differentiator is Pay As You Go. We let you pay for your website over 3 years with NO INTEREST! With just a small deposit and 36 consecutive monthly payments, we can have your website up and runing within 6 weeks.

Go Media has much experience in delivering web sites that work, websites that you can pay for monthly, Search engine optimisation that works and mobile phone friendly web sites.


About Gemma Etchells

My career started when I was 17 as an apprentice Sales Assistant for a bed manufacturing company, studying for Business Administration level 2. I loved the job at first because I had just left college, I was getting a wage which meant I was able to enjoy myself on a weekend, most of all, this is what I want to do, or so I thought. Eventually I got bored as there was nothing I could really get my teeth into after a while, it was just the same old same old so I left after 2 years. 

Administration wasn't what i wanted to do anymore, I wanted to help people. i had so much more to give than 'just been another number' in the office.

I am a bubbly, friendly and helpful person so I decided to apply for a Business Development Manager role which would allow me to be myself.

I got the job.

I love getting out there and being introduced to lots of different people, having a chat and really getting to know them so I was soon introduced to business networking. It was new and exciting but I wondered how it worked at first, then I realised the way forward is to be yourself and help others the best you can. 

I have finally found something I am good at but I didnt believe Paul when he told me networking works, but how wrong was I?