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Looking through the Window on your world. With 

In over 25 years of business, ranging from hospitality in the sporting arena to retail development, what is at the forefront is the Customer experience, getting this right can catapult a business forward,  where the customers actively generate and promote the business to others.
I can work with you to understand some of the issues faced in today’s customer focused world, thus build your business back to where it should be.
A few key changes can bring dramatic results.
 Anyone who has tried to re-vamp their home knows the value of a fresh coat of paint, new furniture and a re-arrange. Sometimes there are a few key changes that can result in dramatic results. By bringing in ANDI DEEKS as a CES CONSULTANT will bring a fresh idea, an outside perspective to the business owners who have got locked into their own ways.
By focusing on a few key areas, staff training, customer service, time management and product placement AND DEEKS will help the business owner focus on the areas that will deliver more gains.
" A business absolutely devoted to customer service will have only one worry about profits.
They will be embarrassingly large" Henry Ford
About Andi Deeks LIMI

My background for over 20 years has been in the Motorsport sector running teams and hospitality, this has ranged from the grass roots to F1.


Most of which was about developing customer experience for the guests, sponsors and associates all over the world, in a nutshell a race team has only a few hours on a race day to deliver a customer experience, thus encouraging the customers to buy into the team was all about the experience, brand, and connection.
From this i developed in to a business consultant and then went on to qualify not only in the Motor industry as a LIMI but also NLP and Psychology as well as studying and qualifying in Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Non-verbal communications.
I work with business of any size to develop their "window on the world" how they look and how they are seen, this can be looking at the building, colours of the brand, the voice the business has, working with managers and staff to develop an improved customer service experience.