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Hilary Steel
Kent Ideas

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Kent Ideas Ltd is the founding company of both the Kent Independent Trader Awards and the Kent Women in Business Awards which have been designed to recognise and reward the achievements of both independently owned businesses and female professionals throughout the country.

2013 sees the launch of the Kent Women in Business Magazine, an 84 page glossy that will be widely distributed throughout the county. The magazine is intriguing, enticing, engaging and informative and we welcome contributions from females in Kent either in the form of articles, or potential interviewees.

Special rates and sponsorship opportunities are offered to both 4N and Chamber of Commerce Members.


About Hilary Steel

All the career choices I have made in the past have ultimately led me to create a business around what I LOVE doing. My biography is ever increasing which is why some of you who read this may find yourselves featured in my book, "Balls of Steel"