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8020 Financial Management provide a choice of services tailored to best suit your circumstances.

8020 FD Provides a part-time financial director support role essential for growing and challenged businesses. The heart of this service is the exclusive 8020BIT system, providing a full review and analysis of your business operations, resulting in the formation of a business plan complete with budgets and forecasts. This option will provide programmes of improvement and a clearly defined action plan to take your business forward.

8020FC Offers a financial controller service, managing the day to day finances of the business, including; cash flow management, credit control, payment systems, overseeing book keeping functions and provision of detailed management accounts.

8020FM Provides financial management support, including full book keeping and payroll functions.


About Nick Palin

A freelance Finance Director with over twenty years experience I am now working with small businesses to help them to prosper. 
It is my firm belief that it is a pre-requisite for a successful business is to have sound financial controls in place; to closely monitor financial performance and to be able plan and forecast ahead. My quest is to provide small businesses with the standard of financial control and management usually found in much larger enterprises, but at a cost that they can afford.
My approach is to build strong control and reporting systems tailored to the needs of the business and to focus on the key numbers. 
I am a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with particular skills in financial management and business planning. I have extensive experience of cash flow, credit control and management of stock