Russell Burton-Lawrence (The Barrister Broker)

Russell Burton-Lawrence (The Barrister Broker)
01732 866 562

Location: Edenbridge
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Left QuoteGot a legal issue but worried about the cost of solicitors? Don’t be. Instead, go direct to the legal expert, a Barrister, who will help you get the best outcome ...and you will pay less. Contact me!Right Quote
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Last online 19th Feb 2014
Member since 29th Nov 2012
Member No 88583
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Divorce; Child Contact & Residence; Contracts
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If you have any legal need but are worried about the cost of using solicitors, then don’t be. You don’t need to go to solicitors. They can be expensive and don’t necessarily provide value for money.  Instead, you can go direct to a Barrister, the legal expert, and this is where I can help you!

How?  By giving you direct access to a Barrister who will work with you and ultimately help you get the best outcome. Going direct to the “expert” means you get the right advice from the outset, you will certainly pay less in the long term and you may even get a better outcome. I make the whole process simple.

I have helped many people in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Edenbridge, and other parts of Kent and East Sussex reduce their legal costs by giving them access to the highly specialist and cost-effective services of Barristers.  I have helped with matters of divorce and matrimonial finance, commercial contracts, child contact and residence, contesting wills and employment law.  I have acquired numerous client testimonials recommending my services and highlighting the many benefits of going directly to Barristers.

Speaking to me costs nothing but could save you thousands! Call me, Russell Burton-Lawrence, The Barrister Broker, on 01732 866 562 or 07971 285 796


About Russell Burton-Lawrence

Following a lengthy career as a chief clerk running Barristers’ chambers in London, I now practice independently helping individuals and business reduce their legal costs. I achieve this by providing direct access to the highly cost-effective legal expertise of Barristers.

Living and working on the Kent, Surrey and Sussex borders, I’m a familiar figure at business networking events as The Barrister Broker and also have my own regular column in two local publications through which I spread the word about how you can seriously reduce your legal costs by getting legal advice and assistance directly from Barristers.

Using a solicitor can be expensive. Hourly rates add up and before you know it, costs can spiral. So avoid the solicitor route altogether and let me help you to have an entirely different customer experience, one which includes “fixed fees” and peace of mind.

If I can help someone get the best outcome they can, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, that makes me feel great. That is exactly what I can do, by giving you direct access to your own specialist Barrister. Have a look at what my clients say.

I have many years of experience matching Barristers with clients. Let me help you by arranging the right Barrister for your legal issue.

If you already have a solicitor acting for you but you would like to have a confidential conversation with me, Russell Burton-Lawrence,  no problem, just give me a call on 01732 866 562 or 07971 285 7960. I can potentially save you thousands!