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How to look great and feel great

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8 years ago,following a fairly interesting 2008 ,when I lost everything I developed profound colitis.My friend,the MD of an international vitamin company ,persuaded me to try his daily bio basics their 'power packed'vitamin drink.No mean claim for within four days I had no discomfort and within a week I found I had loads of energy.If you take anything from this,if you know anybody suffering from IBS,colitis or diverticulitis please point them my way.I promise you this will transform how they feel.

Fast forward to a little bike accident that laid me up two years ago,I was laid up for a while and bloated up to 21.5 stone.My friend persuaded me to try their 21 day reset programme.I was dubious at first,but was sold as their drink had helped me so much."1 dys later I had dropped 30 lb.

This transformed the way I felt.I have done it again and lost 22 lb.( a total of 52 lb-down fron 21.5 stone to 17 st 10lb Now dozens of 4n folk have tried it with some amazing resluts.Please go to our website for some glowing testimonials.

Our beauty products...well clearly I dont use them,but one of the team,trined by Helena Rubenstein and worked as a beauty consultant at Harrods ,says 'this is the best face cream i have ever used.'Enough said really.

Our health and fitness products will change the way you look and feel.try them,seriously you will notice a big change in your skin tone and energy levels almost immediately.

About John Daly

Man I love cycling.Even after i fell off the damn thing and nearly killed myself.I am now half metal and moving towards my main goal in life:to be a terminator.

Whilst I am undergoing this change I am helping folk lose weight rapidly and safely.My past is a great help-my twnety years in the paper trade working dahn the east end guv'nor taught me a valuable lesson.Give the people who puyt the food on your plate and a roof over your head the best service and quality they could hope for.

When my job was made redundant back in '08 I could have curled up into a little ball and cried a lot.Instead,being too dense to follow this perfectly understandable route,I trained up to be a Master practitioner of NLP(or neurolinguistics you know,just in case you didnt know and were too shy to ask)and a hypnotherapist.I have had a lot of fun with 4 sights where I put everybody under,tell them they had just witnessed the best 4 sight they had ever seen and stole their wallets.Result!AND I keep getting asked back to do more.

All the above comes in very handy indeed when I get people to lose weight.21 days and you WILL look and feel fantastic.Its my promise to you.(As long as you do as your damn well told,eat the good healthy supplements and dont eat the cakes you'll lose a bomb.)