Simon Knowles (The Vintage Photobooth Company)

Simon Knowles (The Vintage Photobooth Company)

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Left QuoteWe hire & build beautiful vintage themed photobooths for weddings, parties & events. Serving Kent, London, Suffolk and anywhere people need something to make their party go with a bang!Right Quote
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Member No 90020
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The Vintage Photobooth Company
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Not all photobooths are born equal. Some will consist of a tripod, a camera and a sheet. Others have the aesthetics and soul of something you find in a grubby corner of your supermarket. Our booth is a different proposition altogether
Lovingly hand made, with a quirky, pleasing attention to detail, you’re not just hiring a photo-producing machine, you’re hiring something that will add a huge dose of fun to any party or event you’re planning.
We provide a huge variety of both vintage and more modern costumes & props, collected to suit all tastes and levels of commitment.
For more information, please see our website to see what previous customers have to say – book The Vintage Photobooth Company to provide the spark, the amusement and the evidence of every great party…

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