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A Great Presentation Will Raise Profile And Profit Margins

I help individuals and small companies to ensure every business presentation will engage and motivate. So if it’s a pitch you make the sale; if it’s a message you inspire your listener to act.

In my training session we will go through a set of easily applied techniques that will ensure confidence on the day of your presentation and give you the best chance of making your message heard.

We buy the person first, the idea second, the product third. My whole approach is to take who you are add potent presentation skills to….

Improve On You, Improve On Your Message and Improve On Your Sales.


About Paul Ryan

I began working as a child actor in 1978 and have been performing ever since. The majority of my work has been in the theatre where, most recently, I played Kenneth Williams in 'Round The Horne' and starred as Harry in the West End Production of 'Mamma Mia'.

To be an actor is a notoriously precarious career path. Many times I had to take on other jobs just to make ends meet but there was one in which I found a passion and an enthusiasm to rival that of my life in the performing arts. In 2004 I began facilitating for companies that specialised in coaching presentation skills and since that time I have had a successful dual career in this field.

Using my own unique approach to teaching I guarantee to improve your communication skills not just to help you achieve your goals in business but to heighten your everyday interactions giving you greater powers of persuasion and more self confidence. As well as a diploma in NLP and many years working as a coach, I bring my experience as a performer, facilitator and public speaker to insure you communicate with style, dynamism and impact.

I specialise in teaching presentation skills, public speaking, how to interview for a job or audition for theatre school.