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Raymond Patmore
Helix Design

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I am the Director of Helix Design Ltd a consultancy set up in 2008. As a designer I specialise in brand identity, art direction and design for print, web design and exhibition environments.

My clients like the fact that I can guide them through the design process, that they feel they are in control and are key members of the project. 

I always relish the challenge of a new project. I thrive on designing new identities for businesses or products. I enjoy growing new brands by extending the way my clients communicate with their customers. Whether a brochure, a web site, a carefully positioned marketing campaign; I can deliver a creative, intelligent solution.

Specialties: Identity and branding, literature design, design for print, exhibitions, web design, advertising - business and consultancy.

Helix - putting the art back into design

About Raymond Patmore

If passion defines a person, then people are my passion. It's the people I meet in business that makes me want to be creative and design my best work. It's their interests and their desires I tap into, listen to and question that inspires me to deliver the best I can for them. My interests are broad because you never know where the next big idea is going to come from. I love travel as it really does broaden the way you think and live. And Art - how it always makes you think afresh and re-evaluate things you thought you knew.The world around us is a continual inspiration. Life is the journey. ray@helix-design.co.uk