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Jo Howarth
The Happiness Club

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21st Aug 2018
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17th May 2013
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What I Do
  • Happiness Mentoring
  • Resilience and wellness
  • Mindfulness
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Wellbeing & Stress Management
My Company Information

I am a mindful hypnotherapist that helps people find their happiness! I run The Happiness Club, a monthly membership club where members get a daily happiness thought/exercise and a weekly mindset tool/technique to have a go at. Members also receive discounts off my other products and services such as individual sessions (in person or via skype), places at my Happiness Workshops, CDs, workbooks etc.

My mission is to spread happiness as far and wide as possible.

About Jo Howarth

Prior to setting up The Happiness Club I worked as a Corporate Event Manager, a stressful career in a stressful industry, and suffered from Eczema, IBS, stress and anxiety. I turned to the world of complementary medicine to improve her own quality of life and am now a qualified Advanced Hypnotherapist who has studied Psychology, Stress Management, Reiki and Mindfulness to name but a few.

The Happiness Club works with individual clients as well as running workshops for organisations across a range of industries, some of which are outlined below:

  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Charity
  • Housing
  • Care
  • Creative 

My approach of Mindful Hypnotherapy allows me to help clients live more in the present moment, with a deeper understanding of priorities, whilst also dealing with past issues that can affect the present and the future.