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This is the best word to describe the outcome for participants of the Sage Wellness, Total Energy Transformation: 90 Day Intensive.

During the program we delve into Phyisical, Emotional and Cognitive Health Coaching to enable clients to create a meaninful difference.

The key focus for this niche coaching in energy, is for the business owner who wants to make efforts to improve their health, to improve their body, business and life.

Why Energy?  

If you look at energy from a holistic point of view, then you are looking for a nice neutral and balanced energy, this can help prevent and heal poor health.

From personal experience company founder Linda knows what it's like to be a business owner and to be ill, to be told what she "should" or "shouldn't" do and then to learn through health coaching what ACTUALLY works for her personal body, mind, soul.  This changed Linda's perspective, confidence and health.

Professionally, Linda has now qualified in healthy habit change coaching, with the added benefit of being able to give even deeper coaching context for her clients from 20 years in the fitness and sports massage industry.

Click on the website to obtain a 60 minute Total Energy Transformation Discovery Session.

About Linda Louise Hill

One Passion...Behaviour Change!

One Life...Health, Fitness & Wellness Industry experience at local, regional and national level since 1995.

Unlimited Energy...

Wellness Coaching for the business professional, merging knowlege, education and behaviour change coaching to achive results in improved energy for body and mind, to assist in healing or to act as a preventitive measure for better health.

I LOVE life long learning and applying new learning to myself and my lovely clients.  More recently I learned through health coaching how to REALLY make a positive difference in my own physical, emotional and cognitive health and that the niche area of improving and balancing energy has been the key to me getting better, being able to run my business better without the anxiety of worrying about my health quite as much and helping others to do the same.  My pre-launch coaching clients had some remarkable results, these results proved to me that this is the right place for me to be to help self and others.  The key will always be to enjoy the journey.

~ Tens of thousands of pounds in CPD investment on short courses, seminars, industry events and formal qualifications.

~ 1,000 + bespoke fitness and health coaching plans completed, and counting...

~ 1 x Leisure Studies / Coaching Diploma

~ 1 x Business Degree

~ 2 x Personal Fitness Trainer Diplomas

~ 1 x Sports Massage Therapy Diploma

~ 1 x Advanced Sports Massage Therapy Certification - completed 2014

~ 1 x Behaviour Change in Exercise Certification - completed 2015

~ 1 x Behaviour Change Mentoship 1 Certification - completed April 2016

~ 1 x Health Coaching Certification - completed April 2017

~ 1 x Stress Management in Exercise - planned future study

~ 1 x Holistic MBA - planned future study

~ 1 x MSc Behaviour Change - planned future study

~ Reiki Master Practitioner - planned future study

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Ready to work with me formally? 

Go to my website and book a Total Energy Transformation Discovery Session.

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