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Brad Burton (4Networking)
0845 123 4444

Location: Taunton
Left QuoteMD of 250+ group breakfast Network - AUTHOR: Get Off Your Arse books - Dynamic and naturally energetic MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, with infectious enthusiasm. Coo.Right Quote
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8th Dec 2008
Lisa Blackler
Left QuoteBrad's free 5 minutes of business advice is amazing - so many ideas, so much positivity, so energising. If he can do that in 5 minutes, who knows what he could do in half an hour!Right Quote
27th Nov 2008
Jason Dutton
Left QuoteMy best friend alwaysRight Quote
23rd Oct 2008
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Left QuoteI'd just like to thank Brad for pinging me some very useful documents today - it saved me a lot of time and headaches! 4N isn't just about business (although that's why we're all here!) it's also about the contacts you meet and the community that is prepared to go that extra mile to help each other. Big up Bradsta!!!

Thank you! Right Quote
14th Oct 2008
Lesley-Anne Hornbogen
Left QuoteBrad has put me in touch with lots of networkers who have been able to help me with various aspects of my business. He is always there for you at the end of the phone - all you need to do is "ask". Thanks Brad. Right Quote
26th Sep 2008
Graham Andrews
Left QuoteI went to my first meeting last week and met Brad, what a guy! I've been to two other meetings and already invited 3 friends to visit.

Brad himself has already put me in touch with two other networkers which whom I'm sure I'll be doing business.

Right Quote
9th Aug 2008
Mervyn Walker
Left QuoteI've just met Brad for the first time. He is a man full of ideas and gets on and does them. Inspiational is the word that sprins to mind.Right Quote
1st Aug 2008
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Left QuoteThanks must go immensely to Brad and the whole team at 4N for producing such an imperative business model, a tool for gaining success in business and so much more.

I strongly urge anyone with a business to be a part of 4networking, for the exposure it gives, is phenomenal.

Cheers Brad.Right Quote
1st Aug 2008
Michael Goody
Left QuoteJust arrived back from a 4N meeting where Brad presented the 4Sight slot - and invited questions about the running of the organization. His honest answers to the questions - not all hand fed friendly ones - was indicative of his open straightforward approach. What you see is what you get.

What I see is top notch.Right Quote
1st Aug 2008
Stefan Thomas
Left QuoteMust be a nice guy, cos he's got more testimonials than me!Right Quote
1st Aug 2008
PPD Computing
Left Quote4N is the place to be, and a big thank you will come from all of us to Brad for not only the contacts we have made through this site, but also friends. There is not much you can say about Brad that has not been said before, he is a top bloke who is willing to help anyone outRight Quote
19th Jul 2008
Anne Huscroft
Left QuoteI'm delighted to be involved with 4N. Great concept with a real plus being the interactive website, increasing everyone's profile nationwide. I've already made some good contacts and regularly enjoy genuinely productive meetings. Thanks to the 4N team for supporting my business. Right Quote
11th Jun 2008
Dom Rosato
Left Quote4networking has really helped my business grow. The energy and fun which flows through the network is (I feel) directly related to the energy and fun of it's founder.

Everytime I've met Brad he has always been friendly, helpful and supportive of me and my business.

A breakfast meeting with Brad in attendance is always a lively event and the his energy transmits to everybody in the meeting.

If your looking for an honest opinion about anything then Brad is your man. If your looking for a pizza he could probably help you out there too!

Thank you Brad and the 4N team for creating a special community for business people everywhere.

To your continued success!

Right Quote
8th Mar 2008
Left QuoteIt's the new rock n roll!

Thank you Brad for giving me the opportunity to work so closely with 4N. Great organisation you have :) Right Quote
7th Mar 2008
Mark Linton LLB
Left QuoteI have been networking for years and built my business up around the subject, but to be fair I have always found breakfast meetings a bit like too much hard work. That is until now.

I came along to 4networking, Stratford upon Avon event following a meeting with Brad and found the people to be friendly and full of life whilst having huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm at that time of the morning - it was worth the 45 minute drive in traffic to get there!!

I would like to say thank you to everyone I met.Right Quote
24th Feb 2008
Karen Thurley
Left QuoteI just love him - his drive, energy, enthusiam, sense of humour and loyalty! I am proud to call him a friend, a colleague and a client! Thanks for everything.

Right Quote
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