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Julian Wellings

Expertise on Tap

Left Quote4Networking has provided me with a superb platform to help me grow my business and build a reputation.
I've also made new friends and colleagues and found suppliers.
My business would simply not be where it is today without 4Networking.Right Quote
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Mike Wallis

Mike Wallis UK

Left QuoteI have been as member now for about 18 months and 36 of my new clients have come through 4networking. I got a full return on my investment in the first 4 weeks of joining. 4N is simply outstanding.Right Quote
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Wendy Morrison

New Leaf Acupuncture

Left QuoteThe great thing about 4N is that it inspires me! After spending a morning talking, laughing, and frankly just enjoying myself, I feel motivated to improve my business in all sorts of different ways such as CPD, updating my web presence and collaborating with other members to create something specialRight Quote
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Joe McElgunn


Left QuoteI joined 4N in August 2009 partly because the structure appealed to me and it still does. Not being the 'jumping on the table shouting' type the 40 sec round and the three 1 to 1's works well for me! I have also been able to use suppliers I have got to know which is great, as well as extra business.Right Quote
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Eric Webb

Knighthood Corporate A...

East Grinstead
Left QuoteJust renewed my initial membership, this time for a year.
4Networking is a really great way to increase the presence of your business in the local business community.I keep meeting people who don't have the right insurance cover as well which as an insurance broker is great for me!Right Quote
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Barry Watson


Left QuoteAfter years of being enslaved in the schoolmasterly thrall of BNI I burst the shackles swearing never to join such a group again. I was persuaded by Michelle Dalley to just sample a 4N Group in Chepstow and wow! what a difference a group of happy smiling 4ners makes. I am now a devotee!Right Quote
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Heather Stewart

Stage Four Studios Ltd

Left QuoteWe have just gone over our figures for the last 10 months and have found that 75% of our business, so far, has been from 4N members. 4N clearly works amazingly well, I couldn't recommend it highly enough.
If you put the hard work in, you will get it back :-)
Right Quote
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Colin Skehan

3 Colours Decorating

and add Value add Colour

The Sun is shining and its time to add colour to your life.
thanks to 4 networking I have another job, a barn to redecorate externally,
The colours are irish linen and bright yellow.
Networking works for me...from the first quote to the final coatRight Quote
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Madhur Rao

Premier Choice Healthc...

Left QuoteStarted with 4N about 3 months ago (almost forgotten when it was as I am having such a good time). I immediately found the warmth of the people who made me feel welcome from my first meeting. I decided to move around Bristol to look at some of the other groups and found exactly the same attitude. Right Quote
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South West
Left Quote4N has been absolutely fantastic for both me and my business. I've got client's who ring direct from America to work with me after seeing my 4Sight on YouTube. Does 4N work? What do you think.
Local to International within 14months. 4N REALLY WORKSRight Quote
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Sheena Whyatt

Lightning Training Lim...

Left QuoteI went to pitch for a HUGE contract yesterday, armed with the banner I use at 4N, my promotional pens & my business cards, all provided by 4N members. The client was blown away. Without the support from 4N, I wouldn't have had such a professional image. Contract won. 4N Rocks!Right Quote
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South West
Left QuotePrior to joining 4N, I was struggling to make my business work and reach the clients I really wanted. Within 12 months of networking through 4N, I am now known throughout the UK as well as picking up business in the USA.
4N has given me direct clients, referrals, & a huge amount of business support.Right Quote
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Michael Stracha...

Cherry Medical Spa Ltd

Left Quote4N gave me lots of new contacts. Right Quote
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Lucy Scott

Admin and Errands

Left QuoteNot only 7 weeks in had I recouped my expenses I have met a great group of people which is priceless. I recently participated in a business competition and to look out and see so many supportive smiles was just so touching. To all those at Chepstow and Monmouth you have ao far made my year!Right Quote
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Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan Marketing

Left QuoteHas 4N worked for me? Of course it has. 4N for me has got to be one of the best networking organisations in the country. Love the brand, the business, the website to connect nationally with other members and the general feeling of we're here to help you. Love it. G.O.Y.A. and join todayRight Quote
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Debbie Huxton


West Midlands
Left QuoteI'm off to Stevenage next Wednesday and I live near Birmingham. 4N has expanded my referral partners all over the country. Travelling and meeting some very interesting, caring and knowledgeable people, I would never have thought I would be. 4N is exactly what you give to it, make it and take from itRight Quote
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Peter Connolly

Ginger Cow Marketing

New York, Lincs
Left Quote4N has more than paid for itself when you consider the overall value it has given to me and my business.
The opportunity to develop lasting business relationships is unique in the way 4N promotes 1-1 business meetings and the marketing platform complements the proven success formula. Right Quote
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Christopher Gre...

A Man Who Can

Midsomer Norton
Left QuoteI started my business in Aug 2009, joined 4N in Nov and have had work or referals from every one of the 25 breakfasts I have been to so far. On Tuesday (4 May) my first employee begins work and last Friday I interviewed someone I hope will be the second within the following few weeks. Thanks 4NRight Quote
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Steve Evans


Melton Mowbray
Left QuoteI have been out of contact with 4Networking for 3 months, due to change of job. I am now back and feel it is the right place to be. I can promote my business and gain friends at the same time.Right Quote
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Paul Howes

Left QuoteLike so many we became involved with 4Networking because we saw it as an effective method of increasing sales.

Nothing wrong with this but 4N has really given us far more. We now have a healthy relationship with many other businesses in the same field and work with them for mutual benefit.Right Quote
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