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Sarah Olney


Left QuoteThe business has flourished and I have too. Since joining 4N I am now working locally, regionally nationally and internationally through selling in the room and through the room. I have brought my business contacts into 4N to strengthen the bond so I can be confident the business will remain strong.Right Quote
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Brendan Quinn

Brendan Quinn

Left Quote4Networking has been one of the most useful networks I could have joined. I organise events so have been able to find quality speakers via 4Networking and have also given several 4sights. The backup- ie receipt system is excellentRight Quote
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Jon Hilton

Pulse Rate Training Li...

Left QuoteHaving left the forces after being injured during a 14 year stint, i set my company up. The outside world was tough to crack and business was scary until i found 4N and now I and my business have grown in stature. And i have met a great bunch of friends and colleagues, Thanks All.Right Quote
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Simon Edmondson


Left QuoteReally pleased that after my third breakfast I have a new member for the Federation of Small Businesses and I have met a number of existing members at each meeting.Right Quote
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David Wimblett

7 Training

Left QuoteGreat meeting at Park Royal this morning. Good One2Ones with Samantha Weeks of Griffin Therapies,Brenda Quinn, and Daniel Jones of Ology (Business Coach).Right Quote
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Richard Heathco...

Voice Over Artist / Au...

Left QuoteAfter being out of the networking game for about a year, I needed to get back in - but NOT with all the stuffy politics and old-school regulations.

Then 4Networking came along!
I haven't looked back ever since, and encourage any prospective member to come along and witness it for yourself! Right Quote
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Elaine Machray

The Re-Invention Room

Left QuoteI have never felt so enthusiastic and excited at 8am as I do now that I'm a 4N member.
It's the most effective and efficient networking group I've been to. I love the 40 second round and the 10 minute slots. Great for business and friendship.Right Quote
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Brad Burton


Left Quote4Networking rocks. Friends, appointments, support and business. Everything you need for any growing business all under one roof. Right Quote
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Sue Pietersen


Left QuoteThank's Brad. What would the week be like without a 4N breakfasts? The friendship and support from other members is wonderful. My business has doubled over the last year and 4N breakfasts have given me lots of confidence and understanding of other professions.I definately couldn't pass on membershipRight Quote
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Binal Sawjani


Milton Keynes
Left Quote4N really works for business, pleasure, suppliers and collaborations!Right Quote
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Michael Brown

Feeling your Best at t...

Newton Abbot
Left QuoteI value the opportunities to build emotional connections with others through networking. I met Tim Johnson, Director of Strategy at 4networking recently and felt an immediate personal connection with him and he has invited me to run a Feeling your Best at the Desk programme for the head office teamRight Quote
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Jacqui Wilson

Essex Emergency Servic...

Left QuoteHell to you all
I joined the Brentwood Essex group a few weeks ago so its early days for me but I have to say a BIG thank you to Lucy Long(group leader)who has helped me along with our very friendly group to get over my huge fear of addressing the group Lucy helped write my 40secs & its great thkuRight Quote
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Jeff Boycott

Jeff Boycott Translati...

Left QuoteNervous at first, I didn't think networking was for me...Wrong! Best thing I have done, not just professionally, but on a personal level as well. 4N has given me some close friends, and has opened many doors, promising a bright future. 50% social, 50% professional and IT WORKS! #Love4N Right Quote
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Neil Crawford

Lynwood Bookkeepers

Left Quote4Networking has really helped me to raise my business profile . I am also the operations assistant for the Leeds East group which gives me the opportunity to meet and greet new members and visitors. I have gained some very good contacts and suppliers and made many new friends. Well done 4N.Right Quote
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Debs Burrow

Artist and tutor

Left Quote4N is the the best support network ever - the more I do, the better it gets. Where else could you get honest opinions, caring when someone is down, practical advice and best of all, a virtual team for your business. Not to mention fab brekkies and a hoot!

Right Quote
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Cathy Dean

Colour In Your Thinkin...

Left QuoteI tried a number of networking groups before I discovered 4N, but I knew the moment I arrived that I'd come home. For me it's about much more than business - I've got friendship, support, advice, help, referrals and suppliers from 4N and I wouldn't be without it now.Right Quote
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Brian Turk

Brian Turk Electrical

Left Quotejoined a couple of months ago meetings are fun no pressure, be yourself and feel welcome is the message I get.For some reason its giving me loads of business ideas.
Right Quote
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Simon Pitts-Dra...


Left QuoteI first joined 4N 3 years ago when I was running another business, and I built 50% of my client base through 4N. I sold the business and now work for a PR Agency, and have again joined 4N as a passport member and again we are getting clients from it! Thanks!!Right Quote
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Colin Hicks

PAH Accounting

Left QuoteI cannot praise 4N highly enough. Since joining my turnover has more than doubled. I have gained a lot of both domestic and commercial work from 4N. I have also made a lot of new friends and would recommend anyone reading this to sign up. MIGHTY COLINRight Quote
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Vicky Naden

Vicky Naden Virtual

Left QuoteI cannot knock 4N one little bit. In the few months I've been an active member, I've made some great contacts, have had my eyes opened up to some wonderful businesses, always feel a sense of genuine camaraderie, had some fun, and it has also brought me some amazing clients. Keep it up 4Ners!Right Quote
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