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Jenni Purple Ke...

JKAB Accountancy

Crookham Village, Fl...
Left QuoteI am astounded by 4N. What an amazing way to meet friends, associates and new clients. One of the best decisions I have made recently was to join 4N and I will definitely remain a member for a long time to come. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity!!!Right Quote
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Sara Brown

Greenhouse Graphics

Left QuoteI joined 4N about 8 months ago now and have just renewed for the year (which speaks for itself really).

Networking really does work and the convenience at 4N of being able to go to any meeting, anywhere, is fantastic (not that I've made enough use of it yet).

I wouldn't certainly recommend it.Right Quote
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Peter Clowes

Conflux - 5 Star Reput...

Left Quote4N has really worked well for my business, along with other networking events, i now get all - yes, 100% - of my business from either customer referral or networking, mostly from 4N.
I would also advise getting involved with the Teams if an opportunity arises, it really does raise your profile.Right Quote
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William Gill


Left Quote4N has helped me develop my business and myself personally. I quickly took a team role and now GL.
I have made friends and business contacts across the UK.
4N has changed my business, my attitude, my social circles. My life in general.
Thank you 4NRight Quote
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Anand Pajpani

Park Royal
Left QuoteI started with 4N very recently and have found the forums to be fantastic.
Having made a few contacts here and nurtured those more on Twitter, my website has seen a huge increase in members over the past 2 weeks! Thanks 4N!Right Quote
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Jennifer Meyer

Open Channels Ltd

Left QuoteIt certainly sets me up for the day both with a good breakfast and inspiring 4sights. I enjoy being part of a fun team (4N St Neots)too ;o)Right Quote
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Maureen Windrid...

MW Bookkeeping

Milton Keynes
Left QuoteI am currently looking for an assistant bookkeeper and a vituall PA. I havn't advertised and 4N is the only networking organisation I belong to.

4N works.

MaureenRight Quote
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Brigitte Peach

Languages for Life Ltd...

Left QuoteI am looking forward to getting back into 4Networking this week. Over the past few months I have visited a number of groups in Lincs., have met a lot of nice people, had some real fun, made some good business contacts and have gained some Insights into other business areas through various 4Sights. Right Quote
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Richard Anthony...

Richard Knill Retired ...

Left Quote4N Yorkshire goes from strength to strength.I have only visited York, Beverley, Hull, Doncaster, Northallerton, Wetherby & Harrogate. That’s 7 down and 12 to go, on my doorstep alone! The passport is great value, the social connection is fun and the opportunity to do business is first classRight Quote
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Lucy Long

Western Provident Asso...

Left Quote4N rocks, having tried, and run, other networking groups, what I most like about 4N is that most people sign up on their first visit. As a new Area Leader, the launches of my new groups at Brentwood, Essex and Bluewater, Kent were full and it looks to continue. What's next? Thurrock and Southend!Right Quote
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Tom Evans

Tmesis Ltd

Left QuoteI've done loads of networking both online and offline. 4N is a real breath of fresh air. It puts the fun back into networking.

Most importantly, it works. I've had some really good business from it and some amazing connecting with people who I am now collaborating with.Right Quote
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Paul Howe

Giveaway Banners Ltd

Leighton Buzzard
Left QuoteI've just given my first 4sight on the Power of Suggestion through Hypnosis and since I haven't attended a 4n meeting for a while not only was the 4sight a great success -not my words, but it reminded me of how very supportive and friendly 4networkers are. Looking to do more 4sights soon. Right Quote
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Sarah J Green

Left QuoteI went along to my first meeting recently, and I liked it so much, I bought the company! Just kidding - possibly taking over hosting a group is all. Loved the format of the meeting and Brad's no bull approach - suits me sir. I'm looking forward to my next meeting and enjoying the active and friendly forums in the meantime.Right Quote
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Tom Evans

Tmesis Ltd

Left QuoteI asked on Wednesday for someone to help me put a Facebook Fan Page group together - within a few hours, three people responded. Within a day, I've got a new service to offer my clients and at least one new collaborator to help me deliver it - way to go 4N.Right Quote
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Chrissie Metcal...

The Award Winning Chri...

Left QuoteJoining 4N has been the best business decison I have made.The people I meet are amazing they have helped me build my business contacts which in turn is building my business.Most recruitment agencies work on'100 cold calls per week'I have not made one cold call and am currently working on 16 vacancysRight Quote
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Wendy Inglis Hu...


Left QuoteI joined 4N a couple of months ago and had new business leads very quickly. But what I really love about 4N is the people: all those different perspectives and time away from my desk leave me energised and I can think more creatively about where my business is going.Right Quote
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Suraj Sodha

Content Day

Left QuoteThrough 4N, I have evolved my small local startup business into a much larger & wider reaching national business delivering Internet Marketing training and products to business owners around the UK.

There is no way I could have had this much national exposure without 4N !Right Quote
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Owain Griffiths

Head & Griffiths

Left QuoteWhen I Head & Griffiths trying to find a way of getting out into the business community was pretty daunting. 4Networking made that leap into the real world of business owners and professionals easy and fun. 4Networking is a great way to get the ball rolling with any business.Right Quote
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Jo Cox

Jo Cox Design

Left QuoteWhat I love about 4N is the number of opportunities. 9 breakfasts in and I've just signed up to be leader of a new group, launching in September. I've also met a few new clients and dozens of people who can help my business in other ways. What more could you ask for?Right Quote
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Charlotte Grant

Assistants Granted Ltd

Left QuoteI've been up & running for 2.5 yrs now...4N has not only given me customers, but support, knowledge, great friends & more confidence. I've been to other networking events & always come away feeling that 4N tops them all! Thank you 4N! Charlotte Grant - Group Leader Walton & WeybridgeRight Quote
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