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Paul Baldwin

Cass-Stephens Insuranc...

Left QuoteI have been involved in 4N since January 2009. Since then I have got involved in the team at Cheltenham, met loads of really nice people both at the meetings and here on the forum, been to a great Xmas party and have secured on average 1-2 new clients a month from 4N. Cheers 4NRight Quote
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Wendy Inglis Hu...


Left QuoteI joined 4N a couple of months ago and had new business leads very quickly. But what I really love about 4N is the people: all those different perspectives and time away from my desk leave me energised and I can think more creatively about where my business is going.Right Quote
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James Blair

Business Broker / IFA

Left QuoteHi I would like to thank Stephen Rhodes for the fantastic job he has done creating a video for Sunbelt Business BrokersRight Quote
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Helen Loggin

Tudor Photography Limi...

Left QuoteI went to the first meeting of the new Banbury group two weeks ago and sat next to someone who had a commercial requirement. Subsequently
went to see the company and we are doing the work this Friday! Great start!Right Quote
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Nanette de Vill...

Silk Skies Ltd

Left QuoteFirst time to Leeds Central last week met some fab people and learned many new tips. Attending 4N meetings is giving me the confidence I need to go forward with my business.

Great group and atmosphere plus a superb buffet breakfastRight Quote
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Christine Mclea...

Christine Mclean Consu...

Left QuoteLove 4N! everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. I like having the same format wherever you go. I have made great connections AND Brad Burton rang me yesterday for a chat, which really sprang me into GOYA mode... so its all just brill..thank youRight Quote
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Clive Hornsby

Conflux Consultants Lt...

Left Quote4Networking provide valuable insights into different businesses and is a major element for market research. The 4Sights provide motivation and business information to help me retain focus. The 10 minute one to one sessions are brilliant for getting expert advice from our team of members. Excellent!Right Quote
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Amanda Hill (Th...

The Social Media Cafe ...

Enfield Lock
Left QuoteNot only does 4N make you get out of bed (because you want to go to networking meetings) but also gives you inspiration and energy from the buzz of business going on and small businesses never need be lonely with the hive of activity and lovely people all willing you to succeed and help you do it. xRight Quote
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Emily Keep

Green Stag Solutions

Left Quote4Networking has enabled my business to growth amazingly in the first year. I have had support, friendship and business, all from a meeting when you sit and have breakfast and chat with people you know, like and trust, even got a few new clients along the way. Right Quote
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Denise Jones


Left QuoteI have made so many friends on and off the forum and my business interests have expanded onward and upward. I have received support from everyone.Right Quote
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Philip Netherwo...

Advice About Money

Left QuoteHave met some great contacts and some potential new clients during my initial trial membership - 4N is also the most enjoyable way to network I have found.Right Quote
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Faith Simpson

Faith Simpson Accounta...

Left QuoteI have always been sceptical (and slightly daunted) by networking events but this morning changed that. Made great contacts and got some new clients all over a croissant and a cup of coffee! I only wish work was like that every day. Big thanks to Melanie N.Right Quote
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Mandy Stevens

Many Tongues Managemen...

Left QuoteI attended my 2nd breakfast this morning and following my 40 second round was passed a contact via another member. I followed this up with an email introducing my company and within an hour I had an appointment booked. It just goes to show how good 4Networking is at generating leads. Right Quote
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Gill Bray

Business Hat

South Petherton
Left QuoteI joined 4Networking about 4 months ago, and I find it difficult to envisage how I would operate without the wonderful people, advice and support I have found here.
Right Quote
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Elaine Machray

The Re-Invention Room

Left QuoteI have never felt so enthusiastic and excited at 8am as I do now that I'm a 4N member.
It's the most effective and efficient networking group I've been to. I love the 40 second round and the 10 minute slots. Great for business and friendship.Right Quote
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Andy Parkes

Saxon Park Services Li...

Left QuoteI have been a Passport member of 4N for just a few months and already gained business, quality network and friends. I have taken on the Marketing Assistant role at Telford to spread the word and invite others to attend. Help me by telling me who you know would could benefit. Send me a message PLEASERight Quote
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Paul Howes

Left QuoteLike so many we became involved with 4Networking because we saw it as an effective method of increasing sales.

Nothing wrong with this but 4N has really given us far more. We now have a healthy relationship with many other businesses in the same field and work with them for mutual benefit.Right Quote
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Susan Smalley

Susan Smalley

Left QuoteJust a line to say how much I am enjoying 4N breakfast meetings in the North East. I joined at the end of July and within four weeks delivered my 4sight into a simple ten minute meditation technique to self heal and be positively inspired.. all 4N networkers are of course! Love it! Right Quote
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Steve White

Thornbury Collections

Left Quote4 Networking has given us something far greater than pounds, shillings and pence, it's given us trust & credibility. People on this website trust us because of our involvement in 4Networking and this reaps it's own rewards. That is something you cannot buy but is very valuable!

Right Quote
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Steve Almond

Tutor Doctor

Left QuoteI attended my first event at Buxton last week! I was amazed at the energy that was there - it was a really good experience and I not only met some excellent business contacts , I met some really nice people! Great just to socialise too!Right Quote
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