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John (Mr Money ...

1-2-1 Utilities

Left QuoteHello to all, I would just like to say, that having been a member of 4Networking for just under a week, I have already received an order from someone I met @ 4N. Which when you think I attended another networking club for over 7 months without a decent referral, speaks volumes for 4N, Thanks 4N!Right Quote
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Una Doyle

Talent Dynamics

Left QuoteOMG... Just been to Ashton-Under-Lyme 4N today and as well as a wonderfully warm welcome, I came away with 4 x 121s to set up, 2 referrals and 1 potential referral and the opportunity to do the 4Sight slot at Denton. Great 4Sight talk by Eric Appleby & very positive atmosphere. I'll be back! :-)Right Quote
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Keith Holdswort...

Holdsworth IT Services...

Left QuoteI joined 4 Networking in November 2008 and have been in an Ops Assistant Role ever since.
To be honest I don't get masses of business. Oops forgot that member I met, got to like, know and trust (heard that before somewhere.) He introduced me to his client who is now my largest business client.Right Quote
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Tracey Allen

Rattytatty Designs (Ev...

Left Quote4Networking has helped my 5 month old company get a profile of a much older company, its enabled me to have a support network of hundreds of businesses to ask about any business issues.Its given me loads of free business hints and tips, great inbound links to my site. 300 characters is not enough
Right Quote
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Charlie Oakham

Compensation Solicitor...

Left QuoteWe are a SEO, PPC & Email marketing business in Shropshire, and through 4N in Shrewsbury I have managed to grow our business not only in the region but throughout the West Midlands and North Wales. Thanks to 4N we have been able to meet new clients, form alliances and meet new connections.Right Quote
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Treena Maun

Lets of Lincoln

Left Quotei have just had some great flyers and Bus cards done by Caroline Andrew-Johnstone from fasprint When i handed some out people where saying how great they looked!!Right Quote
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Gary Gorman

Left QuoteHaving done something like 35 4sights up and down the country I now am able to walk into most meetings and know someone or someone will know me, and have added sales training talks and public speaking to my business services.
Not sure where I'd have been without 4N probably back in corporate :( Right Quote
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Richard Daniels

Richard Daniels Profes...

Left QuoteI have experienced many networking organisations I came with some cynicism. However, I have been so impressed with 4N, led by a passionate yet down to earth Brad Burton, 4N is not only great for business but I've also met some wonderful people who I imagine I will stay in touch with for years. BRILLRight Quote
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Lucy Davison

E-Warehousing Ltd

Left Quote4N has helped with my confidence and I have made some lovely new friends.
Networking is a fabulous way to meet new people and share the highs and the lows. Thanks everyone for helping me through some tough times recently. A hug at breakfast makes the day feel so much better!!!!!!!!!Right Quote
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Sonja Adams

Print Junction Ltd

Left QuoteI was already a seasoned networker when I joined 4N last year, but I loved the non stuffy culture and the real value you get out of the 3 1-1's at each meeting. Since joining, the ROI I have seen is about 600%!Rock on 4N, it really does work!Right Quote
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Peter Connolly

WSI Digital Marketing

New York, Lincs
Left Quote4N has more than paid for itself when you consider the overall value it has given to me and my business.
The opportunity to develop lasting business relationships is unique in the way 4N promotes 1-1 business meetings and the marketing platform complements the proven success formula. Right Quote
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Tony Harrison

Oxford Business Web

Left QuoteI joined 4N on Monday. By Friday, I'd found an accountant (Julie Stevens of Better Business Decisions) whose fees will save me my annual 4N membership compared to my current supplier. So within 5 days and 3 meetings, 4N has become free. Fun meetings, great enthusiasm, a winning combination.Right Quote
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Colin Skehan

3 Colours Decorating

Left Quote4 networking works for me,dont expect miracles as its not a get rich quick fix, but I have met some good people and picked up the odd job and new contacts,
well worth the effortRight Quote
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Nikki Butlin

Athena Business Servic...

Left Quote4N helps our network of bookkeepers grow their business through local contacts. The meets are friendly and relaxed which is great as our new recruits are often very nervous! Brad is a great figure head for 4N and his energy needs to be bottled and sold...umm another business maybe? Great stuff 4N!Right Quote
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Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn Social Media...

Left QuoteI've been a member for a year and a half now and still get work from people I met way back when I first joined! I track all my marketing and 4N is up there in the top 3 for bringing me business! Plus it's fun!Right Quote
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Chrissie Webber

Chrissie Designs Jewel...

Left QuoteOnly been a member of 4N for 2 months and have already made contacts through the network that have landed me 3 retail outlets stocking my wirework jewellery in Newport and a private commission! Thanks guys you are awesome :-)Right Quote
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Joe McElgunn


Left QuoteI joined 4N in August 2009 partly because the structure appealed to me and it still does. Not being the 'jumping on the table shouting' type the 40 sec round and the three 1 to 1's works well for me! I have also been able to use suppliers I have got to know which is great, as well as extra business.Right Quote
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Brian Croucher

The Property Expert

Left Quote4N has provided me with a very successful way to reach a wide cross-section of people. Once you've found your feet and got to grips with the way that the various breakfast groups operate, 4N offers unlimited opportunities. Be patient, keep going to breakfasts and the results will follow.Right Quote
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Nigel Blight

T2D Direct Marketing L...

Milton Keynes
Left Quote4N works really well because you can meet such a wide range of businesses and you are not restricted to one group. We have taken on a number of new customers as a result of 4N and there have been some interesting collaborations. Give it a go, 4N is so different from the rest.Right Quote
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Teresa Bowe

CCF Accountancy Ltd

Left QuoteI joined 4N Wetherby in March 2010 at the launch. I loved the format, especially the three appointments and the ability to do 4 sights. I have visited about 20 different groups in the North.

They say being in business can sometimes be lonely but with 4N this is never the case!Right Quote
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