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Jennine Parker

Jennine Parker

Left QuoteWorking in my own bubble, most of my business is done via email, 4N has given back the interaction I miss not being in a busy agency. Great advice from professionals has made me re think the direction of my business, whilst building up relationships with new customers, a great way to start your day!Right Quote
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Martin Biginell...

Coaching Four Success

Left Quote4N networking has help me in a big way, because of the ways and opportunities to expand you own profile within your local business area!

I am a local Life,Business & Mentor Coach, my experiences have enabled me to develop true friendships and business collaborations, to increase business.
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Mary Sambrook

MS Data Protection Con...

Left QuotePhil Collins, SMS (Northampton Group) has been helping me to sort out my finances. He has actually managed to save me around £800 a month. I would just like to say a big thank you to Phil and say that he would be a great person to talk to if you are looking at your business or personal financesRight Quote
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Left Quote4Networking for me has saved me money on goods and also from the business knowledge gained from fellow 4Ners.

I am beginning to raise the profile of me and my business, meeting new friends and contributing to the community.

It is a family and I enjoy being a member of 4NRight Quote
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Nick Horler

Nick Horler Photograph...

Left QuoteWow has 4N worked for me now that is a understatement.Right Quote
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Rita Meek

The Logo Factory

Left QuoteI only joined 4Networking last week and have had 3 orders for personalised Promotional items already. What a fantastic start. Thank you 4networkingRight Quote
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Jeff Boycott

Jeff Boycott Translati...

Left QuoteNervous at first, I didn't think networking was for me...Wrong! Best thing I have done, not just professionally, but on a personal level as well. 4N has given me some close friends, and has opened many doors, promising a bright future. 50% social, 50% professional and IT WORKS! #Love4N Right Quote
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Clive Hornsby

Conflux Consultants Lt...

Left Quote4Networking provide valuable insights into different businesses and is a major element for market research. The 4Sights provide motivation and business information to help me retain focus. The 10 minute one to one sessions are brilliant for getting expert advice from our team of members. Excellent!Right Quote
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Wendy Harringto...

Wendy Harrington

Left Quote4N is amazing! The Philosophy first class. The level of community and support second to none. Genuine business relationships, truly a breath of fresh air.
Since joining I've got new clients, new friends, new learning and a whole lot of fun!
Thanks everyone.Right Quote
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Peter Maynard

Barnes Richards Rutter

Left QuoteDone a lot of networking in my time, but I can honestly say I have never enjoyed any as much as 4N. Good people (well in South Wales at least!!), unstuffy atmosphere and a real willingness to help and support each other. 4N rocks!Right Quote
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Left QuoteI joined 4N several months ago on a six month passport, and I have enjoyed every meeting and built a strong network of contacts that I refer on a regular basis, the atmosphere at events are unlike no other and this feeds a vibrant and enthused enviroment where business relationships are forged.Right Quote
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Michelle Hodgso...

Key Words

Left QuoteJoining 4N - and reading Brad's GOYA - have been a great help to my copywriting and events business. I've made some excellent new contacts and friends, and brought in new business. I recently did my first 4Sight, which was really well received so hopefully I'll be taking it on the road soonRight Quote
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Chris Kenber

Chris Kenber Coaching

Left QuoteGot a new client at my first 4N breakfast.
Thank you Bristol Central !
Chris Kenber, Business and Life CoachRight Quote
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Emma Thomas

Impact Marketing Solut...

Left Quote4Networking has worked for me. I joined after meeting the friendly group in Leith. Since then I have attended other groups in Edinburgh and Haddington, met many valuable contacts, attended useful seminars and received a referral which converted into a fantastic new client. Not bad for 11 weeks.Right Quote
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Stephen Wilkes

Silver Lining Estate p...

Left QuoteI recently renewed after the 6 months - it was a no-brainer for me. Since joining I have met lots of seriously interesting people and made some really useful contacts. I can also attribute good levels of business to 4N and have improved my public speaking by doing 4Sight slots. Great value for moneyRight Quote
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Nick Hill

Mr Presenter

Left Quote4N has massively helped me and my business since joining. Loads of new suppliers to choose from, great format for networking, fantastic online facilities and that all important 'social element' makes 4N my opinion, the best networking tool in the UK. To top it off, I've also done lots of business!Right Quote
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William Gill


Left Quote4N has helped me develop my business and myself personally. I quickly took a team role and now GL.
I have made friends and business contacts across the UK.
4N has changed my business, my attitude, my social circles. My life in general.
Thank you 4NRight Quote
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Helen Silver

The Property Styling C...

Left QuoteI was never really a fan of that I attended seemed stuffy and boring and full of hot air! Until I joined 4Networking. Its so friendly and i've made many friends and business contacts and even got work.. real work! 4Networking works. Right Quote
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Kerry Anne Orr

The Systems Coach

Left QuoteMy business has tripled since I first started 4Networking. If I'm looking for a supplier to my business or even business advice, I look no further than 4N. To me, 4N not only helps to put my business on the map, it also provides me with my very own 'virtual head office'!Right Quote
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Sam Weller

Weller Associates

Left QuoteExcellent way to make contacts and take your business further.Meetings are informative,relaxed and great fun.
Networking that works.Right Quote
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