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Michael Brown

Feeling your Best at t...

Newton Abbot
Left QuoteI value the opportunities to build emotional connections with others through networking. I met Tim Johnson, Director of Strategy at 4networking recently and felt an immediate personal connection with him and he has invited me to run a Feeling your Best at the Desk programme for the head office teamRight Quote
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Peter Kay


Left QuoteWhat can I say. 4N works for me on so many levels. In my time as a passport member I have developed so much both personally and professionally.

Quite simply it's an inspiration to me delivering clients, suppliers and support. In my view it's a business essential.Right Quote
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Gabriel Ritchie


Left Quote4Networking has been great for my business. I have met lots of local businesses who that are able to help me & my clients by providing excellent services and in turn passing business to me.

I would not be able to grow my business without networking & 4Networking is a key part of my growth strategy.Right Quote
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Janette McSkimm...

Utility Warehouse Disc...

Left QuoteFantastic people and format; good brekkie and an energetic and productive way to start the day. 4N has brought me business, suppliers, friends and more. It has helped me to grow, learn and really enjoy the process. What a resource, both professionally and socially! It's top drawer for sure!Right Quote
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Nick Hill

Mr Presenter

Left Quote4N has massively helped me and my business since joining. Loads of new suppliers to choose from, great format for networking, fantastic online facilities and that all important 'social element' makes 4N my opinion, the best networking tool in the UK. To top it off, I've also done lots of business!Right Quote
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Tony Harrison

Oxford Business Web

Left QuoteI joined 4N on Monday. By Friday, I'd found an accountant (Julie Stevens of Better Business Decisions) whose fees will save me my annual 4N membership compared to my current supplier. So within 5 days and 3 meetings, 4N has become free. Fun meetings, great enthusiasm, a winning combination.Right Quote
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Debbie Huxton

Be A Business Success

West Midlands
Left QuoteI'm off to Stevenage next Wednesday and I live near Birmingham. 4N has expanded my referral partners all over the country. Travelling and meeting some very interesting, caring and knowledgeable people, I would never have thought I would be. 4N is exactly what you give to it, make it and take from itRight Quote
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Jane Penson

Grammar to Go

Chalfont St Giles
Left QuoteI needed a drawing of a squirrel stealing nuts and bolts. For some reason, I just couldn't find exactly what I wanted on clip art so I got onto the 4N website. It never letst you down. A fewminutes later I was onto and within a week I had my picture! Thanks 4N and Suzi at Fuzzydon.Right Quote
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Linda Underhill

Stellar HR Services & ...

Left QuoteI joined 4N in January; eaten 6 breakfasts; 4 different venues; visiting 3 new venues over the next couple of weeks.

I've met some fantastic people; established some good contacts and the advice I have received has been great. I know both I and my business will benefit from my membership. Thanks!Right Quote
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Andrey Beskrovn...

The Management Consult...

Left QuoteI have joined 4N in January.The environment is great and easy going. This is true - 4N sets up you for a day. The energetic and positive 4N environment makes me more creative and productive. I would like to thank you the managing team of Guildford group for their support and very warm welcome.Right Quote
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John Edward


East Horsley
Left Quote4Networking has helped me develop lots of good business contacts. I have had a lot of support from other 4Networking members.It also helps having the forum, which is great if you have a problem as you get lots of answers back if you posted a problem. Lots of great interesting people attend meetings.Right Quote
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Chris Searle

Entry Level Websites

Left QuoteMy business continues to grow and the support you receive from 4N'ers is fantastic. Everyone just wants to help!

Remember too that its 50% social, 50% business.

Roll on the next meeting!Right Quote
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Martin Biginell...

Coaching Four Success

Left Quote4N Really does work, I have tried the rest, now I am with the best. I have formed good friendships and now various business collaborations with other businesses which has help me to grow my own business and also developed my own skills at the same time.
I have also obtained business too!Right Quote
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Anthony Morris

Anthony Morris FTCA Ac...

Left Quotehi albans today was an eye opener and left me with a tad more networking knowledge and intent.thanks Chris Ogle! my 3 1 to 1's with James,Tony and Chris were a pleasure. they're all 4n old timers!! I'm not but they made me feel right at home. so,it's not ALL about business!! AnthonyRight Quote
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Philip Arnold

WPA Healthcare Practic...

Left QuoteI am in my third year of 4Networking membership and became the Group Leader at Taunton in 2010 - I joined when starting up my business in 2008 and have not looked back. 4N has simply been briliant ...contacts, friends, suppliers and customers. 4N continues to inspire and motivate me - thank you!!Right Quote
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Justin Somervil...

Dunbar Consulting - Sa...

Left Quote4N has worked for me in all sorts of ways. Business leads, business ideas, cashflow generation, business ventures, presentation skills, new avenues for business development, increased network and a bunch of new friends. Need to watch those breakfasts though!Right Quote
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James McCulloch

A Coach 4 You

Left QuoteThis is almost the end of my second fortnight, and what an amazing group of people i have met!! Each meeting is great and i'm very happy to be part of the Leadership team at Knutsford. Right Quote
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Colin Skehan

3 Colours Decorating

Left Quote4 networking works for me,dont expect miracles as its not a get rich quick fix, but I have met some good people and picked up the odd job and new contacts,
well worth the effortRight Quote
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Jeff Birnberg

Andi Hyperbarics

Brentford Dock
Left QuoteA wonderful, friendly, supportive and dynamic gestalt; the only way to describe what I find is the best networking group in the UK. A special thanks to the Helpdesk for their great customer support; friendly, professional and immediate results. Right Quote
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Julian Puddy

Hartsfield Financial S...

Left QuoteI attended my first 4networking breakfast meeting today!
Having been to a couple of other similar meetings this group so far does have the edge.

The welcome was warm; the format was clear, and the participants engaging.

Well done to this organisation, I’m in!
Right Quote
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