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Marc Lemezma

Communication Skills C...

Left QuoteWhat I really love about 4N is how, when you bring a guest, they get the idea and sign up! People don't need persuading because the whole thing works brilliantly and sells itself. OH... and you get to meet new friends, have a good breakfast,get loads of business and great support from the team too!Right Quote
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John Burley

Change Ability - Coach...

Bromley & Sevenoaks ...
Left QuoteWhat a very fine decision I took two weeks ago after several weeks of checking out other Networking opportunities out there -I joined and havent looked back since. The 4N family have been so welcoming, responsive, motivational and commercially supportive. Each meeting is a new exploration. Its fun!!Right Quote
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Andrew Miller

The How Academy

Left QuoteI have just published my very first book. Essentially, it's a self-help book for struggling business owners. Just about every element of the book: the contributors; the cover; the website; the proof reader - can be traced back to a conversation at a 4N breakfast meeting somewhere along the line.Right Quote
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Frances Day

Marketing Doctor

Left QuoteI did some number crunching over Christmas because I don't know about you but I want to know where my marketing works best - and guess what? 4N provided me with 55% of my business during 2012. Thank you. I've made some great business contacts, fab friends and even better profit. What more can I say?Right Quote
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Carol Ewels

Always Consult Ltd

Left Quote I am about to launch an accredited programme for new start up businesses. Working together with other 4N members who all attend the Shrewsbury and Telford breakfast meetings,I can now offer a great package deal to the clients. Joining 4N has maade this possible.Right Quote
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Jason Walker

Search and More

Left QuoteHas 4networking worked for us - YES, within the first 3 months Search and More have picked up clients.

But more importantly we now have a network of trusted suppliersRight Quote
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Gareth Gillman

Gareth Gillman Website...

Left Quote4N has done more than help me build a business, it has helped me personally build confidence that has and will continue to grow my business to the next level. I couldn't put a price on the advice and the achievements I have made from 4N.Right Quote
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Mel Downing

Natural Solutions

Left Quote4Networking has literaly changed my business. Being a Lone Wolf in the world of business is lonely. 4N has given me my Pack back. I have new fabulous contacts, friends & clients. My best move ever!Right Quote
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Sam Weller

Weller Associates

Left Quote4N has been a revelation.I got bored with networking a couple of years ago with so many rules and regulations.
I love the freedom and meetings always buzz me up for the day.
Business has already started to flow and I am only in my third week.
Combining face to face with online interaction works.Right Quote
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Gary Gorman

Left QuoteHaving done something like 35 4sights up and down the country I now am able to walk into most meetings and know someone or someone will know me, and have added sales training talks and public speaking to my business services.
Not sure where I'd have been without 4N probably back in corporate :( Right Quote
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Steve Almond

Tutor Doctor

Left Quote4N has definitely worked for me! I have a great network now, I'm operations assistant at Macclesfield,I've found some great tutors through 4N, learned a great amount along the way and I've now started to find business recentl which is brilliant! Stick with it, Brad's right, it takes time & patienceRight Quote
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Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan Marketing

Left QuoteHas 4N worked for me? Of course it has. 4N for me has got to be one of the best networking organisations in the country. Love the brand, the business, the website to connect nationally with other members and the general feeling of we're here to help you. Love it. G.O.Y.A. and join todayRight Quote
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Simon Whitbread

Allsorts Consulting

Left QuoteI joined 4N about 4 weeks ago and so far I have met so many great people who have given me some fantastic advice in setting up my new business. It's tough starting out on your own but the people at all of the breakfasts have been so welcoming and it has felt like joining one big family!Right Quote
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Stella James


Norton St Philip
Left QuoteI joined as a passport member after my first meeting and then didn't use it! Why? Because I didn't get it. Now that I get it 4N is an integral part of my life, providing customers, suppliers and friends as well as helping me increase my self confidence and develop my skills set.Right Quote
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David Churchill

d churchill ltd

Left Quote

i have been a 4n for about a year and have enjoyed the friendship with all the 4n members and had great support in my business ,through advice and sales.Right Quote
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Kevin Sewell

Kevin Sewell Mortgages

Left QuoteI've just had a great meeting with Mike Wylie of ActiveUK (website creation etc). Really helped me to get the most out of my own site. Watch this space... our new site will be launched in the New Year.
Happy Christmas everyone!

Kevin Sewell (Kevin Sewell Mortgages)
Right Quote
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Di McLanachan

Learning Curves Person...

Left QuoteThanks to Dave Carson's 4sight yesterday at Chichester, on EFT (Emotional freedom techniques - tapping on acupuncture points), in which he had us making statements about becoming successful and wealthy, I had a win on Euromillions last night! May only be £5.80 but a win is a win! Get tapping!Right Quote
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Sandy Paterson

Wellness Oasis

East Grinstead
Left QuoteIf Carlsberg did networking it would be 4N probably the best network in the world.

Works for me and I only joined last week, I have already set up a meet to get my web page to top of google, gained a client and some great new friends and contacts...Right Quote
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Lianne Dupre

Lianne Dupre Business ...

Left QuoteHaving been an online member for over 2 years I have recently signed up for my passport. I am passionate about the benefits of 4N and encourage all of my clients to at least register online where there is a wealth of advice available. I love how friendly and unstuffy it is!Right Quote
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Jody Fletcher

Chilli Promotional Pro...

Left QuoteI joined 4N about a year ago, what a fantastic business decision! I have gained a sizeable amount of new business through the network, but even more importantly I have benefitted from enormous support in various aspects of the business notably legal & IT from the fabulous members! Thank you 4N!!Right Quote
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