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Mark Hawkins

mark hawkins design

Left QuoteNot only has it propelled my business forward, it has also afforded me the opportunity to start a unique design agency in partnership with another 4Ner. Brilliant. Rock on.Right Quote
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Beverley Moore

Writing Point

Left QuoteI'd never thought of networking as fun until I joined 4N, but now I look forward to every meeting. Relaxed atmosphere, genuinely friendly people - and business really gets done. Right Quote
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Jeff Boycott

Jeff Boycott Translati...

Left QuoteNervous at first, I didn't think networking was for me...Wrong! Best thing I have done, not just professionally, but on a personal level as well. 4N has given me some close friends, and has opened many doors, promising a bright future. 50% social, 50% professional and IT WORKS! #Love4N Right Quote
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Nigel Cook

Connected Marketing Li...

Saffron Walden
Left QuoteIn my first year my business has gained over 70% of sales from 4N, either directly or indirectly.
I've also found suppliers of services and products who have given me excellent value and gone beyond what I would expect elsewhere.
Being in 4N - it's a no brainer!Right Quote
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Julian Wellings

Expertise on Tap

Left Quote4Networking has provided me with a superb platform to help me grow my business and build a reputation.
I've also made new friends and colleagues and found suppliers.
My business would simply not be where it is today without 4Networking.Right Quote
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Graham Norris

Action In Change

Left QuoteHi,

I set up an time swap with Mike Morrison AKA Mimo. The very focused hour was far more beneficial to me in terms of understanding some basics of Social Media than many hours spent listening to techies make their pitch in presentations. Thanks Mike.Right Quote
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Sarah Olney


Left QuoteThe business has flourished and I have too. Since joining 4N I am now working locally, regionally nationally and internationally through selling in the room and through the room. I have brought my business contacts into 4N to strengthen the bond so I can be confident the business will remain strong.Right Quote
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John Coupland

@networkerplus Social ...

Left QuoteI loved 4N so much I brought the wife for the company! Right Quote
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Mark Linton LLB

The Business Growth Sh...

Left QuoteWe have sold 3 franchises for The Business Growth Show to fellow 4N members. So a Big Thank You to 4N Right Quote
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Steve Almond

Tutor Doctor

Left QuoteI attended my first event at Buxton last week! I was amazed at the energy that was there - it was a really good experience and I not only met some excellent business contacts , I met some really nice people! Great just to socialise too!Right Quote
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Brian Croucher

The Property Expert

Left QuoteI was most impressed with the warm welcome I received at my first meeting at Trowbridge this week. I've completely rewritten my marketing plan, as I've already received 2 warm leads from just one meeting. What's more it's great to meet new people who share common goals. I'm hooked.Right Quote
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Gill Tuxworth

Gill Tuxworth Ltd

Market Rasen
Left QuoteI cannot believe how many friendly, motivated, positive and helpful people I have met and I only joined 2 weeks ago.

I am giving my first 4 sight this week and thoroughly looking forward to it......I'm not a morning person generally but I look forward to these gatherings.Right Quote
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Peter Dean

Debayne Web Design

Left QuoteI've been a member less than a fortnight and have already formed a couple of very valuable and mutually agreeable partnerships! I will wear my badge with pride!!Right Quote
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Eleana Needham

The Healing Pond

Left QuoteOnly joined six weeks ago and it already feels a lifetime of good vibrations! Today we launched Lively Leatherhead and I feel privileged to be the Operations Assistant for such an excellent group. 4N is providing me and my business with a focus and a platform I never thought possible. Right Quote
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Nanette de Vill...

Silk Skies Ltd

Left Quote4Networking has helped with the advice I received on my first meeting. I was relieved to hear some of my proposed next steps were confirmed to be the correct ones. Thank you Right Quote
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Michelle Poole

Virtual Hand

Left QuoteI'm new to 4N and new to self-employment. 4N has helped me to realise my dream and supported my business. I love the ethos, the people and the breakfasts! Here's to a fun, learning, exciting and successful year. Thanks to 4N.Right Quote
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Claire Crockett

Crocketts Gates

Princes Risborough
Left QuoteHow I wish I had joined 4N years ago! Since joining back in March this year I have gained so much ..... new clients, new friends, new skills, new confidence - the list goes on. I regularly attend three meetings in my area and will be wandering further afield very soon. Right Quote
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Sarah Gorev

Social Media Spice

Left QuoteI was new to networking when I tried 4N. While hula hooping during my 1st meeting in Rugby I knew I was hooked. In that meeting I had a 1-2-1 that easily paid for my membership and, over the last 6 months, over 20% of my revenue has come directly as a result of being involved. 4N is fun and it worksRight Quote
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Kevin Wiles

Kevin Wiles

Stratford Upon Avon
Left QuoteWell I have been with 4n for a while and what can I say? Brad he is a legend! The members are even metter but as one they all make a great place to come and network! 4N has been that great I singed the dotted line 3 days ago to become an operations Assistant!

4N power to the People!Right Quote
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David Churchill

d churchill ltd

Left Quote

i have been a 4n for about a year and have enjoyed the friendship with all the 4n members and had great support in my business ,through advice and sales.Right Quote
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