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George Nahlis

Mostlytasks Limited

Left QuoteI was invited as a guest to a radio show and now go back regularly to do more shows. I developed great contacts and has helped me kick start my business and meet good people to work and share ideas with. 4N works if you work at it. Great!Right Quote
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Craig Jones

JLP Solicitors

Left QuoteThrough 4N I have made many many useful contacts and really feel that I am part of something good. The opportunities for businesses are endless, the meetings always get me in a positive frame of mind for the day and most importantly PEOPLE ARE THERE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE, NOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO!Right Quote
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Nicola Anthony

Foxheys Secretarial Se...

Left Quote4N is probably the best networking in the world! You go and meet people who become not only clients, but friends who want to support you in your business, give advice and help. You walk not into a room full of strangers, but into a room full of like minded business people striving to succeed. Right Quote
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Lesley Morrisse...

Inside News Ltd

Left QuoteI joined 4N about a year ago and I've enthusiastically visited 30+ groups, delivered over 20 4Sights, got business, connected people together, received and given support, and made friends. I'm now involved will Linked4Growth so with the Passport I really don't need any other network.Right Quote
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Bronwyn Milner

Jaysters Catering of B...

Left QuoteAttended my fourth 4N meeting today, love it, i have had my dogs listened to by Mel Downing, got a better deal on my mobile phone from Lakeside Communications, my dogs are fed by Trophy Pet Food and am now sorting out my Public Liability Insurance,big plus is I have a lovely cooked breakfast result!Right Quote
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Aaron Whiffin

Webbed Feet UK Ltd

Left QuoteI tried several networking groups, but seemed to fit into the 4N way so threw myself into the deep end, used my passport and loads of 4Sights. Just over a year on and it's working. Everyone knows Webbed Feet UK, and I even have two meetings booked up during the Christmas week thanks to 4N!Right Quote
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Stephen Spencer

The mobile telecoms Tr...

Left Quote4N works for me! After Roger nagged me for 6 months to come i finally get my sh*t together and make a meeting, a week later I have my first order! Success in all networking is about activity, you have to go to the meetings!Right Quote
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Andrew Donnelly

Left QuoteAs a newbie to networking I wasn't so sure. But 3.5 months in and its the best business decision I have made.
The support and knowledge I have had through advice and meeting other people doing business locally and nationally has been fantastic. It really does work !!Right Quote
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Daniel Nutton

Utility Provider

Left QuotePeople I joined 4N about 9months ago and I'm so glad I did. Recently myself and a friend went on the Yorkshire Tour hitting 8 meetings in 2 weeks. Whilst doing so our profiles grew, our list of contacts have grown,our busineses have grown and our friendships have to.u have the tools use them.Right Quote
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Wendy Smith

Go Media Ltd

Left QuoteI have only attended three 4networking events and already my diary is full.

I attend networking events constantly and i have to be very blunt here. 4NETWORKING Works.

I have met some great people there as well people i already know.

A fabulous atmosphere with lots of positive energy.

Right Quote
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Lindsay Allison

Lindsay Allison DSH RS...

Left QuoteI just saved ££££'s and feel I've made a new friend and colleague too! Many thanks to Janette McSkimming from Utility Warehouse and 4networking Buxton.Right Quote
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Geoff Kingman

Kingman Print Consulta...

Left QuoteJohn Raine introduced my to 4N two years ago. I continue to enjoy the enthusiasm of the group and have new clients and suppliers within 4N.
Grow your business and enjoy doing it with 4N.Right Quote
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Richard Smith

Richard Smith Illustra...

Left QuoteFor those who haven't yet, it's time you got on board the 4Network train. It powers through every kind of business, and stops only to let on more exciting passengers. I've no intention of getting off this train - it's been non-stop work and fun ever since I joined. You should join too!Right Quote
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Clive Mulligan

Simply Consulting

Left QuoteI joined 4N in Feb 2010 and I have not looked back. I've had the pleasure of working with a number of 4Ner's and had referrals to other businesses that are now clients.

Most of all I've made lots of new friends, had great support through the good & tough times and seen my business grow! Love 4N!Right Quote
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Neil Humphrey

Studio Maximus

Left QuoteBefore I encountered 4Networking, my business was just an idea but thanks to the support and advice of the 4N family the idea has blossomed into something real. I have tapped into vast resource of knowledge and made some great contacts.Right Quote
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Debs Burrow

Artist and tutor

Left Quote4N is the the best support network ever - the more I do, the better it gets. Where else could you get honest opinions, caring when someone is down, practical advice and best of all, a virtual team for your business. Not to mention fab brekkies and a hoot!

Right Quote
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Andrea Hine

Office Gem Limited

Left QuoteAbsolutely! In just four breakfast meetings I had built great relationships in the 1-2-1 parts of the meeting. They evolved into 2 new clients and already I have broken even on the cost of my membership.Right Quote
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Mark Northall

Dauben Group / Regiona...

Left QuoteIn February 2011 I joined 4N as I needed to launch my business on the world. Today I attend my 500th meeting and have established a solid company build on connections made at 4Networking - Does 4N work? I'll say it does- looking forward to meeting 1000!Right Quote
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Christopher Dor...

Verus Associates

Left QuoteJust to add my vote to the list. Having never networked before it's been a new experience.

It has let meet a great many interesting people and helped to gauge new ideas just as they advise at the meetings.

And business has started to come. Great!Right Quote
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Caroline Enders...

Pinkjelly Marketing

Left QuoteI have only been a member for 72 hours, attended my first meeting yesterday,& already the great contacts I have made, make me realise that this is probably going to be the best business decision I have made, second only to reading Brad's GOYA. Best advice I can give? Join TODAY!Right Quote
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