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Zoe Cook

Sunshine Health

Left QuoteMy turnover has tripled as a result of being a member of 4N.

There's no way I would consider not being a member and being away for a couple of weeks really showed me what an impact 4N has had on both my business and personal life. Right Quote
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John Hallam

Infinite Training

Left Quote4N and the fantastic people that attend the events have helped us grow in business and on a personal level.
Everyone that we meet that is in business we thoroughly recomend them joining 4N, those that see the light have not been disappointed!
Thanks 4N and everyone that we've met over breakfast!Right Quote
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Andrew Horder

Business & Executive C...

Left QuoteI went along to the Woking breakfast, planning for that to be the first of a few visits to 4N groups to 'check them out'. It was such a great structure and friendly atmosphere, I joined up straight away - most unlike me! - and I'm already recommending it to clients & colleagues.Right Quote
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David Dris


Left QuoteLeft previous networking group joined 4N,1 year on. It has a different approach to members and a different concept to doing business. Not so salesy and not so i don't know what i'm doing but hey who cares i got your business. Not a pleasent attitude to tag along to. It's a challenege but a fun one.Right Quote
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Adam Davison

Unique Graphique

Left QuoteI have been to a few networking events and they have not been to my taste really, I was not really sure about 4N at first, but now I like it, it's full of really nice people that will give advice and help which is what I need, and the atmosphere is great!Right Quote
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Lesley-Anne Hor...

On The Go VA Services

Left QuoteI was nervous about walking into a room full of strangers then I met Brad! The business forum is excellent and I have made online friends and clients. I would never have made the contacts I have without 4N. Well done to Brad and his team and thank you!Right Quote
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Jasper Williams

Juice Factory - Design...

Left Quote4N has been great for me. I have forged great partnerships with other members, recommending businesses and their services to my friends and clients in the same way as they have promoted my company. Help and advice is always there, and you never quite who you'll be having breakfast with next.Right Quote
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Nigel Cook

Connected Marketing Li...

Saffron Walden
Left QuoteIn my first year my business has gained over 70% of sales from 4N, either directly or indirectly.
I've also found suppliers of services and products who have given me excellent value and gone beyond what I would expect elsewhere.
Being in 4N - it's a no brainer!Right Quote
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Joanna Ellis

NLP Trainer and Motiva...

Left Quote4N has completely upgraded my business. Going to 4N each week keeps me on top of my game and I've met great people - new clients, suppliers & the other coaches to collaborate with. And, through direct referrals from 4N, I turned over as much in 1 month as I made in 6 months last year. Thank you 4N!Right Quote
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Carol Owen

The Marketing Room

Left QuoteI joined my first 4N group in September last year and I love it! I helped set up Cannock 4N and am Group Co-ordinator. I've made some amazing contacts and friends and picked up some fabulous clients along the way. Love the format, love people, just love 4N!Right Quote
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Joanna Harwood

Sentio Print & Multime...

Left QuoteI joined 4N aboout 6 weeks ago and have just enjoyed every minute. I have made lots of new friends and found two very good suppliers which have helped me win new business in the 4N network as well as for Vodafone! Thanks and the Banbury group is brilliant! Thanks so much for the supportRight Quote
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Kim Millar

Relationship Training

Left QuoteI have been amazed how much 4N has helped me. In 3 months I have not only met so many interesting people, I have gained many new clients, developed a much stronger sense of business identity and grown in confidence. Yesterday I delivered my first 4sight presentation! Thanks for the support.Right Quote
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Jason Walker

Search and More

Left QuoteHas 4networking worked for us - YES, within the first 3 months Search and More have picked up clients.

But more importantly we now have a network of trusted suppliersRight Quote
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Emma Thomas

Impact Marketing Solut...

Left Quote4Networking has worked for me. I joined after meeting the friendly group in Leith. Since then I have attended other groups in Edinburgh and Haddington, met many valuable contacts, attended useful seminars and received a referral which converted into a fantastic new client. Not bad for 11 weeks.Right Quote
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Ann Protheroe

Travel Counsellors

Left QuoteI have only just joined so have only been to 2 meetings but I found everyone so friendly and welcoming. My 40 seconds was a little scary but I'm sure this will get better as I go to more meetings. I have a good feeling that 4Networking is going to work for me.Right Quote
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South West
Left QuotePrior to joining 4N, I was struggling to make my business work and reach the clients I really wanted. Within 12 months of networking through 4N, I am now known throughout the UK as well as picking up business in the USA.
4N has given me direct clients, referrals, & a huge amount of business support.Right Quote
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Liz Fox

Funky Fresh

Left QuoteJust 48 hours since my first 4N Breakfast and I've had 6 enquiries, 4 which look set to turn in to real business - just goes to show 4N really does work!Right Quote
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Archie Lawry

Premier Class ( Airpor...

Left QuoteHow would you choose suppliers? Stick a pin in the yellow pages? How about trying your luck on a google search?
I found it easier on 4N. Not only to find a list of suppliers, but to see thier work myself, get references and see reviews first hand from other members. Has it worked for me?..100% YES!Right Quote
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Denis Thurley

RED Virtual Office

Left QuoteCOMMUNITY is the word! We've made friends and business associations on 4N. We've had online testimonials and a video testimonial. And picked up loads of new clients who love the value our service brings to their business. It's a Win, Win, Win to be in, in, in, 4NETWORKING !!Right Quote
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Owain Griffiths

Head & Griffiths

Left QuoteWhen I Head & Griffiths trying to find a way of getting out into the business community was pretty daunting. 4Networking made that leap into the real world of business owners and professionals easy and fun. 4Networking is a great way to get the ball rolling with any business.Right Quote
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