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Linda Underhill

Stellar HR Services & ...

Left QuoteI joined 4N in January; eaten 6 breakfasts; 4 different venues; visiting 3 new venues over the next couple of weeks.

I've met some fantastic people; established some good contacts and the advice I have received has been great. I know both I and my business will benefit from my membership. Thanks!Right Quote
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Adam Saunders

Neetrix Ltd

Left QuoteYou could say I've completely fallen for 4N like so many others. The reason is simple. I've made a ton of new friends, and 4N has really helped out with launching my newest business venture. Neither myself or the business would have been the same if it wasn't for 4N.Right Quote
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Joanna Harwood

Sentio Print & Multime...

Left QuoteI joined 4N aboout 6 weeks ago and have just enjoyed every minute. I have made lots of new friends and found two very good suppliers which have helped me win new business in the 4N network as well as for Vodafone! Thanks and the Banbury group is brilliant! Thanks so much for the supportRight Quote
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Lynda Colley

Arbonne Independent Co...

Milton Keynes
Left QuoteThe 50% business and 50% social defintely works for me. I love attending the breakfast meetings, they are so exhilarating, so alive! Now Group Leader, still getting a huge buzz. I even get help with my degree course-work! I am loving it!!
Lynda Colley
Out Of OfficeRight Quote
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Nigel Cook

Connected Marketing Li...

Saffron Walden
Left QuoteIn my first year my business has gained over 70% of sales from 4N, either directly or indirectly.
I've also found suppliers of services and products who have given me excellent value and gone beyond what I would expect elsewhere.
Being in 4N - it's a no brainer!Right Quote
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Peter Bowen

First One On Limited

East Horrington
Left Quote4Networking works if you work it, by attending meetings and getting to know others who recognise you week after week. Fully understanding what each person does is the key to finding business within any 4networking group, so it works if you work at it!Right Quote
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Javier Marti

Left QuoteI have met a lot of interesting people and potential partners at a local and national level, gained new clients and had the flexibility I needed to network in different groups at different geographical locations. So far 4Networking has worked for me...and I plan to renew my membership soon!Right Quote
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Laura Netley

The Smart Enterprise

Left QuoteHaving been employed in the public sector for most of my working time, I started a business on enthusiasm alone. I've learnt so much from other 4N members, who have been welcoming and friendly. My business has grown in directions I'd never thought it would & support from 4N members has been amazing!Right Quote
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Shidan Nallan

Waterfed Pole Window C...

Left QuoteThe voices in my head told me to join 4N after my first meeting, as I would meet some great people, have great friends and have all the support I will need for my business, so I joined. The voices were right.....Right Quote
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Stephen Wilkes

Silver Lining Estate p...

Left QuoteI recently renewed after the 6 months - it was a no-brainer for me. Since joining I have met lots of seriously interesting people and made some really useful contacts. I can also attribute good levels of business to 4N and have improved my public speaking by doing 4Sight slots. Great value for moneyRight Quote
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Phil Snelman

Send Out Cards

Leighton Buzzard
Left QuoteMost of my new customers and business partners have come to me through connections made at various 4 Networking events. I have been networking now for over 10 years and this format is without doubt the best I have experienced. I am anticipating further success over the next few months.Right Quote
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Rob Osborne

Left QuoteI've been actively using 4N for the last couple of months and it has had a really positive impact both on our business as a whole and on my levels of confidence when promoting it. Passport membership has been an excellent investment for us.Right Quote
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Margaret Crouch...


Left QuoteHaving your own business can be very lonely. But with 4N, there are plenty of people who are going through, or have been through, exactly what you are experiencing. Share your thoughts - use the forum - I did - and I received support and friendship (and business) from people throughout the UK.Right Quote
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Holly Mitchell

Arbonne International

Left Quote4N was my first experience of Networking and not only does it work and bring in business but I have made some incredible friends along the way! Add value to your day and your business by meeting with like-minded people in a supportive and friendly atmosphere! That's what its all about!Right Quote
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Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor

Left QuoteHaving joined just over 4 months ago - 4N has provided me with a fantastic platform to build and grow my business. I have found suppliers, clients, support, friends, and new opportunities ! I'm enjoying the journey very much so far - 4N is definitely the way forward for Business Networking !Right Quote
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Peter Stewart

Social Communications

Left QuoteI joined 4N to borrow a saying, to get off my arse.I knew from the start that I would not be receiving much work for a pest control business. You see , I have used the power of the online community by finding services etc that were not available locally.It is not all about selling.Right Quote
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Gabriel Ritchie


Left Quote4Networking has been great for my business. I have met lots of local businesses who that are able to help me & my clients by providing excellent services and in turn passing business to me.

I would not be able to grow my business without networking & 4Networking is a key part of my growth strategy.Right Quote
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Christine Mclea...

Christine Mclean Consu...

Left QuoteLove 4N! everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. I like having the same format wherever you go. I have made great connections AND Brad Burton rang me yesterday for a chat, which really sprang me into GOYA mode... so its all just brill..thank youRight Quote
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Carmen Gray

Heath Marketing Limite...

Left QuoteYou get out of life what you put in. And it's the same with 4N. I've been a member for 18 months, attend my local groups pretty regularly and my business size has just about doubled.
Right Quote
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Eleana Needham

The Healing Pond

Left QuoteI am finding myself launching a BRAND NEW group in Reigate - within 3 months of joining 4N, meeting amazing & interesting new people and LOVING every minute of it! I wouldn't change the experience for all the tea in China!Right Quote
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