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Martin Biginell...

Coaching Four Success

Left Quote4N networking has help me in a big way, because of the ways and opportunities to expand you own profile within your local business area!

I am a local Life,Business & Mentor Coach, my experiences have enabled me to develop true friendships and business collaborations, to increase business.
Right Quote
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Valerie Hutchin...

Tops N Tiles Builders ...

Left QuoteJust rejoined after a few months away and being back is the best decision I could have made!
Unstuffy, extremely friendly & so down to earth!
I look forward to every meeting that I attend & yes it works!!! Right Quote
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Philip Waite


Left QuoteWithout a doubt 4N has worked for zuuMedia.

After almost 18 months of active networking we are providing 24/7 IT support on around 150 computers - sold directly to the room and through the room.

The sad thing is when I joined 4N I was about 11 stone... now I am having to go on a sponsored diet.Right Quote
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Justine Askham

Askham Tax & Accountan...

Left QuoteI joined 4n in July 2009 as I started my business and I can honestly say I haven't looked back since. In the early days 4n provided some good contacts & clients. I get the same results one year down the line & I have picked up some good friends as well. I am GL at Northallerton & I really enjoy itRight Quote
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Alex Walls

Cameron Alexander

Left QuoteAfter trying a few very structured and unstructured networks, i was pointed in the direction of 4N. For me it is a good mix of the two. I have met some cracking people, passed on a few names to clients and have received a few referrals. So, seems to be working for me. Right Quote
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Anthony Morris

Anthony Morris FTCA Ac...

Left Quoteand I should add to my last post...thanks Shaun Phillips..a really good chat after. AnthonyRight Quote
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Christopher Gri...

Tree Frog Creative

Left QuoteWhen I was starting out even £200 was a lot to spend to join a community. But aside from the free advice, motivation and friends that ive got along the way. I made more than 4x my investment in the first month. Don't get me wrong you have to put the work in to get rewards, but 4N is a great platformRight Quote
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Alison Rothwell

Lifeline PA Services

Left Quote70% of my business comes from 4N, as a Group Leader if you plotted my confidence and personal development it has been on a vertical growth curve and I can also count many of my networking contacts as good friends. Thank you 4N!! Also the Yorkshire Christmas do has to be attended to be believed.Right Quote
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_Craig Robinson

Invest & Let Property

Cheadle Hulme
Left Quote4N has given us access to over two hundred local businesses in the last few weeks. Not just a name on a bought database but real people who shake hands and welcome contact whether or not they can do business directly with us, introduce us on or just be supportive.4N has been a great investment 4 us.Right Quote
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Lesley-Anne Hor...

On The Go VA Services

Left QuoteI was nervous about walking into a room full of strangers then I met Brad! The business forum is excellent and I have made online friends and clients. I would never have made the contacts I have without 4N. Well done to Brad and his team and thank you!Right Quote
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Sam Weller

Weller Associates

Left QuoteExcellent way to make contacts and take your business further.Meetings are informative,relaxed and great fun.
Networking that works.Right Quote
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Tim Cockram

Chetwood Wealth Manage...

Left Quote4N has been a great investment for my business It has introduced me to new clients and suppliers and allowed me to successfully collaborate with people from the same industry for our mutual benefit. Importantly it is also very social and helped develop my own network of trusted friends. Right Quote
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Chrissie Metcal...

The Award Winning Chri...

Left QuoteJoining 4N has been the best business decison I have made.The people I meet are amazing they have helped me build my business contacts which in turn is building my business.Most recruitment agencies work on'100 cold calls per week'I have not made one cold call and am currently working on 16 vacancysRight Quote
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Stacey Pratt

Design that fits

Left Quote4N has helped develop my networking skills no end, I am now a confident public speaker and even group leader for 4N Huddersfield. Not only have I made business contacts but friends who I will stay in touch with throughout my career. Breakfast is also now a staple part of my diet! - In short 4N RocksRight Quote
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Charlie Oakham

Compensation Solicitor...

Left QuoteWe are a SEO, PPC & Email marketing business in Shropshire, and through 4N in Shrewsbury I have managed to grow our business not only in the region but throughout the West Midlands and North Wales. Thanks to 4N we have been able to meet new clients, form alliances and meet new connections.Right Quote
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Peter Dean

Debayne Web Design

Left QuoteI've been a member less than a fortnight and have already formed a couple of very valuable and mutually agreeable partnerships! I will wear my badge with pride!!Right Quote
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Robert Hyde

JungleTamer - Gardener...

Left QuoteI joined 4N as an online member in December of 2010, within about 6 weeks I'd signed up as a member, saw business with 4 weeks of joining and yesterday, 10 weeks after joining 4N I became the Marketing Assistant for Leeds Bradford Airport. Do I think 4N Works? I'll let you decide...Right Quote
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William Gill


Left Quote4N has helped me develop my business and myself personally. I quickly took a team role and now GL.
I have made friends and business contacts across the UK.
4N has changed my business, my attitude, my social circles. My life in general.
Thank you 4NRight Quote
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Peter Cruikshan...

Outside In Management ...

Left Quote4N has helped me - I met Nick Hill of Binary Vision a year ago. We got to know each other - saw the potential of putting our skills and experience together. Last week we ran our 1st workshop - Strategic Visual Thinking. It went very well and more workshops are being planned. Thanks 4N and Nick.Right Quote
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Paul Baldwin

Cass-Stephens Insuranc...

Left QuoteI have been involved in 4N since January 2009. Since then I have got involved in the team at Cheltenham, met loads of really nice people both at the meetings and here on the forum, been to a great Xmas party and have secured on average 1-2 new clients a month from 4N. Cheers 4NRight Quote
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