Blank Teddy Bear Tshirts

  3rd Aug 2010 - 17:01 3rd Aug 2010
Lee Barton
Olive Tree Chocolate

Blank Teddy Bear Tshirts

Hi all

I am looking to buy blank Tshirts for teddy bears - wholesale. I can only find printed versions, but I want to be able to make my own ones up.

Any ideas?

  3rd Aug 2010 - 17:16 3rd Aug 2010
Victoria B
Victoria B Photography

Hi there - are you looking to get them branded as promotional items? I know a lovely lady who might be able to help - Cherry Betton of Beechleigh Promotions or 07824 970693 or 01276 600707. She has some great wholesale suppliers of all things promotional, so it could be worth a call.

  3rd Aug 2010 - 17:19 3rd Aug 2010
Jody Fletcher
Chilli Promotional P...

Hi Lee

I can help you with these - will give you a call...


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