1-16 How to prepare and get into the right mindset to make networking work for you.

17-34 How to get the most from 4Networking online and at meetings

35-44 Networking follow-up and results

  1. Ask yourself, would your approach work on you?
  2. To sell more, sell less?
  3. Create the conditions where people buy.
  4. You can't bore someone into a sale.
  5. How are you different to your competitors? Otherwise it’s down to price or personality.
  6. Business networking is less about business and more about people. Get the people bit right and the business follows.
  7. Spend 100% of the time being 100% you.
  8. It’s not just the person you are talking to - it’s all the people they know.
  9. "I need bigger businesses." Are you a bigger business? Everyone knows somebody in your target market.
  10. Desperation sells nothing. Have complete confidence in yourself and your product.
  11. Be the brand. Say what you do and do what you say.
  12. Create low risk offers - a great way for others to talk positively about your services.
  13. If the buyer doesn't like the seller, it’s going nowhere.
  14. The more you put into 4Networking, the more you get out.
  15. Gym membership doesn’t make you fit. It’s using the gym that makes you fit.
  16. There are more people at a 4N meeting that want your service than are sat in your office. So get networking!
  17. Everyone was the new boy/girl once. Those nerves, we've all been there!
  18. Going to just one meeting a fortnight makes it difficult to get noticed. At least 2 doubles your chances!
  19. Use good quality business cards. Cheap ones give out the wrong impression.
  20. Find a way to be remembered in your 40 seconds.
  21. The 40 seconds is like sending a CV - it’s to get the interview not the job.
  22. People like and remember stories, so be sure to tell yours.
  23. Nobody remembers every 40 seconds, but everybody remembers a 4Sighter.
  24. 4Sighting develops your presentation skills each and every time.
  25. Do a 4Sight tour. Market it by pro-actively by contacting Group Leaders in the areas you want to cover.
  26. Never turn down a 1-2-1. You just never know.
  27. Never underestimate anyone. You never know who they used to be, who they are connected to now and who they might go on to be.
  28. Pre-booking all your 1-2-1s before the 40 second round is like deciding what to eat before looking at the menu.
  29. Use follow-up 1-2-1s to dig deeper and really get to know the person and their business.
  30. At every meeting, you will come away with Results or Reasons. Learn from both.
  31. Join and participate in the 4Networking Facebook Community business group.
  32. Be generous with free advice. People will remember you for it.
  33. Tip off your 4N friends about 4N Facebook Community threads they can contribute to. They will reciprocate.
  34. Your networking ranking on the 4N site is a great indicator of the strength of your networking profile – take the recommended action to enhance it.
  35. Deepen your network before you widen it.
  36. You wouldn’t pass a lead, job or referral to someone you don't Like, Know or Trust. So don't expect others to forgo the same checks.
  37. Meet + Like + Know + Trust + Requirement + Price is Right = Sale
  38. 4Networking membership is not just about making money, it’s about saving money too.
  39. Making genuine friends in 4Networking usually means making genuine money.
  40. Sharing work out within your network makes your network work for you.
  41. Don’t take “No” personally. Then you can still work on it becoming a “Yes”.
  42. Apply due diligence! Just because someone is a member does not mean they are the best supplier, client or payer…
  43. Network with the intention of helping other people, not yourself.
  44. And smile - no one likes a miserable sod!