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Networking works. There is no better way to gain business than a face to face connection. But, in this busy world that we all live in, that's often easier said than done.

As always, 4Networking is ahead of the curve. We are giving you the offline experience of networking, ONLINE!

Yes, Covid-19 has hit us, but we will NOT let it hit you, our members.

More than ever we need to dig in and support each other, not just for business but also on a personal level.

If you are already a Passporter, then this is already covered under your current membership!

We run 6 meetings every day Monday-Friday, practically on the hour every hour. They are regional and also national and as a member, you can attend as many or as few as you like!

You will even have the opportunity to present to the group by means of an online presentation (4sight) which will give attendees an insight into your life or business (Not a sales pitch ;) ) 

The energy, enthusiasm and excitement is happening within the online communities and virtual networking meetings.

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We have a committed Community Facilitator whose entire focus is to make 4N online a productive environment to meet new contacts, friends, find leads and do real business!

Each and every day there will be set activities happening throughout the day that we will actively encourage you to be a part of. Activities that will expedite the MEET, LIKE, KNOW, TRUST ethos NEEDED in order to do business.

Ever been on a cruise? To Disneyland? To Butlins? You have an itinerary each day - you know what's coming, you know what to book yourself in for...

4N Online is the DISNEYLAND of networking!

Each month the itinerary will change, but you have to be in it to win it!

A sample of what to expect:

  • I am the EXPERT
  • Member of the Day!
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Minute Motivation
  • Members Marketplace
  • Virtual meetings

And those online meetings? We are running 6 every single day, both regional and national!



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PRESS RELEASE DATE: 17th March 2020


Networking entrepreneur offers a lifeline to isolated small businesses


Somerset based entrepreneur and motivational speaker Brad Burton is offering a lifeline to small businesses unable to attend business and networking meetings due to the Covid-19 epidemic.


Brad, who owns 4Networking, the UK’s business networking organisation, is offering online networking events, as well as the real life events his network is known for.


Speaking on the Nick Ferrari show on LBC this morning, Brad explained “despite the crisis, small businesses need to carry on working to pay their bills, their mortgages and to support their families. They are a vital part of the UK economy and, as our network supports so many of them, we knew we had to support them through this period of uncertainty. So our board has met several times over the weekend, virtually of course, to come up with a robust plan”.


“Right now, it is business as usual or almost. Lots of our members still want to network in real life and we are enabling them to do so, with the right precautions of course.”


“But our team has worked to offer an alternative, for those who are self isolating or choosing not to attend meetings right now. It is possible over the coming weeks that government advice may mean that we expand this, if we have to postpone our face to face meetings. We’ll be heeding government advice at all stages but we’re ready to launch this immediately, and scale it up as soon as possible.”


“We’ve also made the decision to open our online offering up to businesses who aren’t members of 4Networking during the crisis, as we know how lonely and worrying it can be to deal with this in isolation, and how networking can help business owners keep their spirits up, as well as finding new clients.”





For further information contact

Pippa Hodge, 4Networking Operations Director 07714 022469

Brad Burton