WHAT makes 4NETWORKING different?

4N is the UK's only joined-up business network. Our members can attend ANY of our 250+ buzzing groups across the UK - a choice of 5,000+ meetings each year. Go to 4N meetings whenever and wherever you like! Then network online with the 26,000+ members of our Facebook business group.

Our proven 2-hour meeting format includes three guaranteed 10 min 1-2-1 conversations with people you choose - this unlocks so many great opportunities! Compared with other networks, 4N occupies the perfect centre-ground of networking.

At 4N, business happens between people when they WANT to, not just because they are part of the networking group. Relationships develop based on trust, merit, respect and friendship. If this sounds like somewhere you'll feel at home, then join us and try one of our meetings!

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  • Relaxed, fun & friendly meetings

    Our meetings are consistent and structured enough to be highly productive, but with NO unnecessary rules and regulations. It's 50% business, 50% social... and it works!

  • Network where YOU want to

    You're not tied to just one group, seeing the same faces every time. From Edinburgh to Hastings, from Glasgow to Plymouth, network ANYWHERE across the UK

  • Demonstrate your expertise

    At every meeting and online, our '4Sight slots' enable you to develop your skills, improve your business knowledge and build your confidence as a speaker. 

Why try a 4N meeting?


  • Find new customers

    It's the best (and only??) way to beat voicemail & email barriers and get your services in front of decision-makers

  • Create a trusted network

    Build relationships with reliable suppliers, advisers and collaborators. And along the way, forge great new friendships.

  • Raise your profile

    It's the perfect platform to build your reputation and become known as the go-to expert in your field.

Why Go Networking

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  • Come along as a visitor:  Our 1-min video gives you a flavour of our meetings. You'll be made very welcome by our friendly teams. Here's a summary of our team network:

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  • Choose a Breakfast (8-10am), Lunch (12-2pm) or Evening (6-8pm) meeting - pop your postcode in the widget below to find ones near you.
  • At your first meeting you'll find out how to get unlimited access to our whole network.

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With 4Networking groups in most major towns and cities in the UK, and a choice of Breakfast, Lunch and Evening meetings, it's easy to find ones that will fit around your schedule. 

  • 250+ groups across the UK
  • 5,000+ meetings each year
  • Breakfast Lunch & Evening meetings
  • 50000+ 4N members
  • =Total networking flexibility for you!
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