4networking who are they ?

4networking who are they ?
Date: 30th Mar 2010

business link did not know who 4networking are .....

4networking who are they ?

I have just attended a business link meeting to learn about 'marketing my business' when we began to discuss networking i was astounded to learn they have a list of eight networking groups but not ours.....
After i gave a brief description of my very positive experience of the breakfast meetings i have attended everyone began asking again for the 4networking name and web site ....
So the very next meeting i will be picking up the info brochures about 4networking and pop them into the business link offices to make sure the message got through ....
Everyone starting a business should take a look at 'our' (said with some pride even though i am a new member) networking site .....
It is sure there will be twelve new hits on there after the responses at that meeting tonight ....
shirleyann x

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