Mixing PR, Marketing & Sales 4 Success

Mixing PR, Marketing & Sales 4 Success
Date: 1st Jun 2010

You can waste time and money on unco-ordinated publicity. PR, marketing & sales are all essential elements for maximum sales. Work them together for up to 50% more sales results

Getting the right nudges

Publicity tactics broadly fall under three headings: PR, sales and marketing. They are all trained and accredited separately, so it is rare to find one person that knows all three disciplines.

But it is important to run a balance of profile raising PR - otherwise you won't seem very credible.
Plus marketing - otherwise your offering won't be very clear.
Plus sales - otherwise you won't land that sale or reel in repeat business and referrals.

Because a customer often needs several ‘nudges’ before they buy, you stand a much better chance of landing those nudges if you vary the approach and cover the PR, marketing and sales bases.

Seven email ‘nudges’ won’t work as well as a good mixture of media coverage (PR), online search results (online PR & marketing), recommendations/referrals (marketing/sales), regular networking (marketing/sales), presentations (PR), marketing materials, plus sales calls and emails.

That all works together because:
PR raises your profile, so people hear about you. Placing your online content cleverly (online PR) will carry your business name impressively high on Google – including 4N’s online forums & profiles, and the 4N Community magazine.

Marketing emphasises the features and benefits you offer through your website content, branding, and marketing materials – including downloads and email/forum signatures. Marketing is also about positioning your brand and pricing relative to the competition, plus distribution to ensure people can buy it when they want.

Sales is where you convince potential customers that your offering meets their specific needs (or send them to someone that does - boosts reputation). You also make sure that it is easy to buy from you on and/or offline. Plus brilliant after-sales care is where you strike gold with repeat sales and great referrals.

Refine your mix of techniques by talking to customers. People usually remember the last contact - dig deeper to find out what really worked.

Smaller companies have the edge

In large companies, professional PR, marketing and sales people often squabble over budget, and cumbersome IT security slows them down online. That leaves opportunities for the nimbler, more joined-up rival.

That’s the sort of opportunity 4N members are well positioned to exploit through the unique combination of 4N networking opportunities, business appointments and online tools.

Finding out more

Penny runs PHPR, an award-winning on-and-off-line PR agency.

You can find free practical DIY PR guides on how to write press releases and ideas for releases at http://www.phpr.co.uk/downloads.

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