How to Get Perfect Testimonials

How to Get Perfect Testimonials
Date: 28th Jun 2010

Testimonials are very valuable tool for your business, they convince the prospect you can deliver on all your promises. They also help to build credibility which adds value to your product or service.

The Problem

Many testimonials can be bland platitudes such as

“They were really professional”

“They were great I’d highly recommend them”

“Highly informative and interesting”

Now these are better than no testimonial at all, but, if your competitors have similar testimonials then what will the prospect make his or her decision on…price.

The way around this is to provide specific benefit driven and results based testimonials.

Let me explain how to do this and what happens when you get it right

Build Empathy With Your Prospects

Firstly you ask your existing customers “what problem were you experiencing before you contacted me?” or “exactly what were you looking for in x (your product or service).

When you articulate that to future prospects they say “That’s me” they see themselves in the shoes of your satisfied customers.

Develop Serious Interest In Your Product Or Service

By explaining how you solved the problems of your existing customers, your prospects will see that their problems can be solved as well (remember they have already identified themselves as having the same problem)

Create Desire And Anticipation

Here’s where you ask your existing customers the results they got from using your product or service. This creates a desire from your prospects for the same results and builds anticipation of what the prospect are going to get from using you.

For example

Let’s see how this can work using my own industry

“Paul is a marketing genius”

Hmm, yes great…for me, but would it really swing it if you were looking for a marketing guy?

What about …

“£53,234 Extra Business In Just Six Months”

“Before I met Paul I was spending £400 per month on adverts and getting no business. Paul redesigned my advert and within six months I got 423 enquiries which resulted in £53,234 of new business”

Which one would make you go WOW? Which is more believable and impressive?

Can you see the difference and more importantly how you can use it in your business?

A Few More Tips

1. Add a benefit driven headline as in my example above
2. Where possible include name, address, email and website. This makes it far more believable and despite what you think very few will actually call your customers.
3. For more believability include a photo of your customer if possible.
4. If your customer doesn’t want to write one ask if you could do it for him and simply ask him to OK it. Most people are happy for you to do this as long as you don’t go overboard!
5. Each testimonial should vary from the next to enable you to match testimonials to the prospect’s circumstances

This is very important. What you need to do is get three or four paragraphs (if possible). Each paragraph vividly describes one major benefit of your product or service.

You can then use one testimonial for four different circumstances.

Don’t worry if you can’t get each testimonial to cover more than one benefit. Just make sure the testimonials you use focus on one different benefit, so together they prove everything you’re saying!


Use them everywhere, on your literature, in your sales letters, on your quotes, on your website. If there are enough create a testimonial sheet.

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