Vitamin C for Christmas Day Stress!

Vitamin C for Christmas Day Stress!
Date: 4th Dec 2011

Why increasing your Vitamin C levels would be useful this winter.

Vitamin C this winter

At this time of year our salads and smoothies tend to take second place to those lovely cooked warming foods like soups and stews, which our bodies are in need of, but what most people don't realise is how the valuable Vitamin C is lost in the cooking process due to it being a water soluble vitamin.

I know that people only tend to consider their Vitamin C intake when they have a cold coming on, this is when they revert to taking this supplement, but Vitamin C is of benefit for more than just resolving your cold!

Vitamin C is hugely beneficial to the immunity of the body due to it's ability to detoxify your cells, which is very useful for those of you working or living in a city area. It helps aid healing of these cells far quicker than if you are not having it in your diet, and even better is that it helps you deal with stress. Probably useful to have around Christmas Day for some of you!

Simply adding a 2-3 handfuls of raw vegetables to your diet each day can give you all the Vitamin C you are in need of. A red pepper for instance has your daily allowance of Vitamin C if you eat it raw, with a few raw carrots, raw broccoli, and cucumber you have a enough Vitamin C to fight off any cold, and you have done it through diet rather than supplementation, which your body can utilise far better. The great thing about doing it this way is that you aren't only getting one vitamin, but you are getting a number of them including a whole load of minerals, which you wouldn't be getting if you had only taken a Vitamin C supplement. The safety element of Vitamin C is high, so it is quite hard to overdose on it, this is because the body eliminates any excess that it doesn't need, hence the reason you need to be replacing your Vitamin C levels on a daily basis through diet.

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