Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny
Date: 5th Dec 2011

A bunny that thinks it's a chicken got me thinking about Brand Personalities

Funny Bunny

The Story

Reuters news agency recently reported that a Finnish bunny thinks it's a chicken - it runs with the hens when they leave the shed, scratches around in the yard and has even learned to balance on their perches as they lay eggs. Just what is it's personality?

Just shows, fact is stranger than fiction and this question got me to thinking about Brand Personality.

Ideas about Brand Personality

If I asked you to describe a Maverick, I'm sure you could. Similarly, describe a Sovereign, a Nurturer, or Defender, and Achiever. Yes, you'd have no real trouble with those. Brands, too, have personalities. Why?

When developing a Brand Management strategy, a Personality is a key part because once you know your Brand Personality it tells you:

• What your values are
• How you and the people in your organisation should behave
• What you should say, how you say it even what to wear
• The nature of your whole outward-facing identity
• What your customers will expect of you
• What you shouldn't do

These Brand Personalities are based on work done by Carl Jung in the early years of the 20th century.

When it Goes Wrong

Take Nike - one of the best-known Achiever brands. Their whole philosophy is about getting out there, performing to the best of your own ability and winning. They sponsor events, personal development and endorse celebrities to the tune of $100millions to reinforce the image.

So far so good. But their image took a severe beating when they were accused of employing child labour ten years ago. The inconsistency with the Brand Personality was extreme! Unfortunately for Nike, the problem just won't go away.

The moral of the story, be sure what your Brand Personality is, then guard it jealously.

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