Presentation quotes I

Presentation quotes I
Date: 29th Dec 2011

This article contains one of my five favourite quotes about presentations. They each describe a key point to bear in mind when creating and delivering your presentation

Presentation quotes I

“In 15 years as a presentation consultant, I have not once seen a slide deck that successfully functions as both compelling visual content and informative written material. Not once.” Rick Altman

Creating handouts is more than just printing off your slides. The slides you display should support your speech, not form it. So if you want to provide a handout, then open your word processor and produce one, don’t just rely on your slides to make any sense without you. Remember the presentation is not your slide deck, it is you plus your slides – the slides on their own probably won’t make any sense. If necessary, produce two sets of slides, one to support your presentation and one for a wider distribution.

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