Kickstart your business in 2012 - PART 3

Kickstart your business in 2012 - PART 3
Date: 5th Jan 2012

Final 2 tips on new ways of working in the New Year

Find alternative funding

Banks still aren’t meeting government targets for lending to small- and medium-businesses. But the bank manager’s failure to see the brilliance of your business plan doesn’t have to be the end of your dream. “Crowd sourcing is a great alternative way to raise funds for a new business or to expand a going concern,” says Saif Bonar, one of the first people ever to crowd-fund a business by auctioning revenue shares in an Internet Cafe on Ebay in 2005. “People who may not be able to bankroll an entire project can invest as much as they feel comfortable with, the risk is shared, plus the kind of people who are getting behind crowd sourcing are more open to new ways of thinking so they’re more likely to see the potential in your new idea.”

Reach out

“One-man bands don’t work,” says Brad Burton, founder of national networking organisation 4Networking. “If you try and be your own accountant, copy writer and postman you’ll have no time left to do the things that are going to get you to where you want to be. You might think you can’t afford to pay people to do these things for you, but you can’t afford not to. But if the money really isn’t there, start networking to meet other small business owners and trade skills. Perhaps you can design that accountant’s new website in return for him doing your books? Do a good job and you’ll have a positive client testimonial, referrals and more time to focus on your core activities – the ones that are going to make you a success.”

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