Presentation quotes IV

Presentation quotes IV
Date: 5th Jan 2012

This article contains the fourth of my five favourite quotes about presentations. They each describe a key point to bear in mind when creating and delivering your presentation

“Don't ask, ‘How was my presentation?’ Instead ask ‘What was the best idea that you got?’ ” George Torok

If you ask most people how your presentation was, you are unlikely to get much useful feedback. Far more likely is that they will say “You were great” or “I could never do that”. Whilst it’s always nice to get a bit of a boost to the ego, it isn’t helpful in the long run. Relentless focus on what people really enjoyed in your presentation will help you to get to refine your material and allow you to cut out those bits which you thought were important but the audience didn’t. This question also opens up a dialogue with members of your audience after the presentation. Everyone should have picked up one idea that was of use to them and it is always rewarding to hear how your presentation has generated ideas for others to take away and use.


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