Make moving house easy for a dog. Part 1

Make moving house easy for a dog. Part 1
Date: 11th Jan 2012

Looking at moving house from the dog's point of view.

Before you move

It is not easy for a dog to move den site and leave everything that it is familiar with, this doesn’t happen very often in the wild and it can be a frightening, threatening and very unsettling time for your dog.

It is a new experience, a change of scene for you and you will embrace it with relish, apprehension or both.

Your dog lives in the ‘now’ and although it will sense that something is different it will not understand what is happening and can only face the new territory and changes when they are presented to it.

There are only a few things you can practically do before the move to help the dog.

• If the dog is going to be confined to a crate in the new home, to begin with, it is a good idea to prepare the dog for this by building up the time the dog spends in a crate before you move. Take this slowly and do not attempt to close the door of the crate until the dog is comfortable with this. The dog should treat the crate as a sanctuary not a punishment or prison.

• Leave the packing away of the room where the dog spends the majority of its time as late as you can so that the dog is still secure in its environment.

Moving house is very stressful for humans and the dog can sense this so perform Canine Conversation, strictly, consistently and calmly.
Bring back snacking first at meal times and be the leader your dog needs at this time.

You understand what is happening, your dog doesn’t.

On moving day if the dog can be left with someone until you have moved in and the removal men have gone this will really help the dog.

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