Business is Personal - or is it?

Business is Personal - or is it?
Date: 13th Feb 2012

Social media is the buzzword of the moment, and definitely impacts on the brand, image and popularity of a company. But is Social Media good in any form, or only if administered professionally?

No News is Good News

I sit staring at my Twitter, I really ought to tweet but what on earth should I say?!

"Chilling at my desk munching on my breakfast" - Far too unprofessional.

"I run a 24/7 telephone answering service and virtual PA centre" - This could get repetitive.

So instead, I do nothing.

But does doing nothing tweet for you? - "I don't have a lot to say, I'm not passionate, I'm not enthusiastic"

Grrr this is very hard!

I'm sure I cannot be the only person who sits wanting to tweet but not sure what to jabber on about. I'm sure, from my part, there is that angle of fear of rejection, or disinterest. The fear of absolutely nobody replying or retweeting and the absolute compounded dread of what on earth do I tweet to redeem myself?!

Any News is Good News

We all have the different Tweeters on our lists:

The Prolifics - those who tweet every time the wind blows, and they speak, and they are spoken to, and every time their heart beats

The Absentees - the watchers, quite happy to be absent from the News Feed of the twitterati

And Me - appearing as a watcher but secretly desperate to merge towards a twitter addict, with my life lived out through Tweeting (well nearly, maybe not my whole life)

But why do those, like me, sit and ponder rather than prevail? I find the absolute nonsense on Twitter changes my opinion of someone, be it positive or negative. The absolute rambling of non-work related garbage surely cannot be good for business or developing your company image. But that leaves me with the debate of: is that the point? Would my clients, prospective clients, and contacts appreciate that insight into my life?

My Mission for the Middle-Ground

I cannot be the only one, surely, who is unsure of what to tweet and when. Do times of day, content and pictures boost company image, provide a positive insight into the person behind the company, or simply provide Too Much Information? Join me on my mission for the middle-ground, starting now: I MUST TWEET MORE

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