7’s Eleven: Windows OSs Part 3

7’s Eleven: Windows OSs Part 3
Date: 5th Jul 2012

Explains why Windows users should upgrade to the latest operating system.

Working in concert

Once you switch to W7 your computer will work in concert, and be more compatible with, other W7 computers and other Windows-compatible devices, e.g. smart phones and tablets, which are being used in an increasing number of both home and work environments

Windows 8

10 Windows 8 (W8), Microsoft’s latest OS, is due to launch late in 2012. Its Metro user interface uses apps that look similar those on a smart phone or tablet computer. It is primarily designed to run on touch screen computers and hand-held devices like Microsoft's own Surface tablet. Any touch screen computer running W7 should also run W8. A further OS upgrade from W7 to W8 should be relatively straightforward and inexpensive but will be an option rather than a necessity. So your W7 installation is likely to be future proof for several years, without needing a further upgrade in that period. It will also be possible to run separate W7 and W8 OSs on the same computer.

What about Mac OSX?

11 If you don’t want or can’t afford to switch to one of Apple’s great range of desktop, laptop and tablet devices then a mid-range or better W7 computer can provide you with broadly similar functionality for less money and without the need to make the transition from Windows to Apple's proprietary Mac OSX/iOS.

PC PAL can help

PC PAL is now offering advice about switching to Windows 7. We can also help you to check your existing computer’s compatibility with W7 and to work out the how, when and what of switching. Because we fix and maintain, rather than sell, computers we are vendor neutral and offer unbiased advice on the makes and models that will suit your budget and requirements. This advice is based on our cumulative years’ experience supporting Windows users in a variety of home, business and other settings. We’re happy to accompany you to a local computer retailer or to assist you to buy online. Finally we can advise you on and, if you prefer, set up hardware and install Windows 7 computing.

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