How, when and what to delegate.

How, when and what to delegate.
Date: 5th Nov 2012

Whether you employ the services of a Virtual Assistant or in-house staff members, you know that in order for you to maximize on your time you will need to delegate tasks at some point or another.

Be clear

Tasks that you need to address may be critical or non-critical, but whichever they are, you need to make sure that you possess effective delegation skills in order for the recipient of the work to be crystal clear about what you want. This will also test your communication skills.

What to delegate

Your time is critical, expensive and in short supply and if you’re anything like me sometimes you’ll think ‘It’ll be quicker if I do it all myself’. This is a misconception as inevitably you will become distracted due to the fact that you’re so busy plate spinning, whereas effective delegation to another individual makes a lot more sense as they will be focusing only on the task in hand. So, what are the best tasks to delegate? These will be the non-critical tasks such as data entry, updating information and your social media for example. These tasks are important in their own right but time consuming, get rid of these first.

When do I delegate?

The answer to this is pretty much whenever you feel that your time would be better spent driving your business and attending to other tasks such as the all important marketing and building of client relationships. Do not however, be tempted to rush into delegation as this is good breeding ground for error. At the beginning of your week, take a little time to plan ahead, gather together all your non-critical tasks and line up some help to carry out this work for you. Plan exactly how you would like the work to be carried out and what you would like the results to be.

How do I delegate?

You will already have planned which tasks you would like to give to someone else and what your desired outcome is. Good communication is now the name of the game. Ensure that your chosen source of help knows exactly what is required and what you expect the outcome to be. To ensure that your instructions have been understood, get your VA or staff member to repeat the information back to you, or to send you an email confirming your requirements. Also, ask for help; your VA or staff member will be skilled in these areas and will be able to provide some valuable input as to the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Congratulate yourself!

Finally, congratulate yourself on a job well done! Sometimes it is hard to let go of the work you have been doing yourself for so long but once you find a skilled and trusted source to carry out these tasks for you, you will feel more comfortable delegating them, knowing that your work will be done well whilst you get on with what you’re really good at.

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