How to reduce your legal fees

How to reduce your legal fees
Date: 8th Jan 2013

A change in the law has enabled businesses and individuals to avoid using solicitors altogether by taking their legal requirements directly to barristers, the legal experts.

Reducing the cost of divorce…by going direct to Barristers!

The annual tradition of setting New Year resolutions – join the gym, start that diet, stop smoking – we are fuelled by the inspiration of starting a brand new year, particularly after the indulgence the festive season brings.

For many the start of a New Year helps to focus our mind on other important considerations that are potentially life changing…such as getting divorced! New Year, new start, new life!

However, many individuals contemplating divorce can often be put off from taking this step simply because of perceived high legal costs, particularly if money is already tight.

Going through a divorce is stressful enough without the added worry of solicitors’ costs spiralling to an extortionate level. But do your legal costs really need to be so high? The answer is they do not. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could go directly to the right legal expert from the outset rather than going to a solicitor and incurring unnecessary expense?

Well now you can, by going direct to Barristers, the legal experts. Previously barristers were prevented by professional rules from accepting work directly from clients but things are different now. You benefit by receiving expert advice and representation from the outset and by paying considerably less overall. Taking the solicitor out of the equation and going direct to a barrister means you will reduce your legal costs dramatically, by as much as 50-60% or possibly more.

A solicitor may (and many do) instruct a barrister to act on your behalf at some future point, perhaps to advise on your case or to represent you in court. At this point you are paying for two lawyers! It’s not necessary but many people are still unaware they can go direct to a barrister and avoid going to a solicitor altogether.

Barristers are the legal experts. The benefits to you by going direct to barristers are legal expertise, expert advocacy and lower fees.

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