Understanding why customers leave.

Understanding why customers leave.
Date: 28th Jan 2013

Understanding why customers leave.

Understanding why customers leave.

Understanding why customers leave.

Customer defection.

With the amount of emphasis on the customer service within a business environment, market leaders are now re-calibrating their own business model to include the customer at the core.

In the past it was:-

Good service was good enough
We had headsets and a phone queue
Experience management hadn’t been invented
We ignored the upset customer
Customer interaction was all transactional and business focused

And now:-

We strive for a business branded experience
We have CRM systems customer interfaces.
We have measurement tools that enable retention and cross sales graphs
We jump through hoops to scan social media for negative words and comments.
We urge employees to read and respond to customers, understand emotions.
We now work towards 1-2-1 interactions with customer and employees thus we are building a relationship and are punished for not meeting professional expectations.

In a recent survey:-

50% of all US respondents were somewhat to very likely to defect to a competitor business after only ONE poor experience.
93% across the world would defect to a competitor business after receiving TWO or more poor transactions.
40% of all respondents have made negative comments on social medial and feedback forms.

The implications are around one point.

The interpersonal skills of the employees ultimately make or break the customer experience.
Employees must read and understand customer’s emotions, show empathy, listen and genuinely show respect and care in every interaction.
Can your business afford not to train and develop the employees that interact with customers?

Connect with us to develop your customer experience we have packages suitable, and we can tailor make workshops and seminars for your business requirements

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