What is Car & Van Leasing and how does it work?

What is Car & Van Leasing and how does it work?
Date: 18th May 2013

Howlett Leasing are a leading provider of vehicle finance in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, supplying all makes of cars and vans on Contract Hire and Leasing.

How Leasing Works

Contract Hire is a long-term agreement, generally taken over a period of between 2-5yrs. It is available to private individuals, sole traders, partnerships, LLP's and Limited Company's. The agreement is for a set period of time, at a fixed monthly cost, mileage is also taken into consideration when calculating the cost of the monthly payments. In most circumstances leasing is a cheaper alternative to purchasing a new vehicle on HP, bank loan or dealer finance.
How Contract Hire Works:-
At the start of the agreement an initial rental is paid, this amount is generally based on either 3 or 6 payments up front. Monthly payments are paid to the finance company by DD and at the end of the agreement the vehicle is returned to the Contract Hire company. It's that simple.
Advantages of Contract Hire
• Low deposit, which helps cash flow.
• Fixed low monthly payments.
• Mileages can be tailored to your individual requirements.
• For complete budgeting and peace of mind maintenance can be included in the monthly cost, this eliminates the worry of unseen service and repair bills.
• AA/RAC recovery can also be included.
• Road Tax included for the duration of the contract.
• Eliminates the worry of selling or disposal of the vehicle, no more tyre kickers!
• There may be the opportunity to purchase the vehicle at the end of the agreement if you so wish.
• Freedom at the end of the agreement to move into a similar contract with a low deposit.
• This will enable you to change your vehicle on a regular cycle.
Howlett Leasing, based in Suffolk, offers Contract Hire on all makes of cars and vans, all of which can be tailored to suit your budget and requirements and delivered Nationwide..
If you have any questions or would like us to explain please call Stacey on 07961 053907 or visit our website www.howlett-leasing.co.uk

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